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Do crocodiles read ?

With almost no words…


Wangi Plunge Pool in Litchfield National Park NT Australia.

Notice the people swimming happily in the clear cool water, such a godsend on a humid day of close to 40C, just days before  the start of the Wet Season .

Sure hope crocodiles new the calendar date.

croc sign

This is the not so fine print on the above sign .





A Thing of Beauty

A thing of beauty is a joy forever

      Its loveliness increases,

        It will never

     Pass into nothingness.

                John Keats

He surely wrote this with Hamilton Island in mind. I have seen the island in all seasons, each with its own beauty. The sky is a lighter blue in winter but temperatures hover mid 20C , the springtime breezes caress the palm fronds, afternoon  storms are more spectacular in summer and in autumn hardly any rain seems to fall  and the skies are crisp blue. But enough words , for this post is supposed to be a wordless . But I just couldn’t resist adding a few ‘brushstrokes ‘with ‘word paint’.

Make sure you click on the image to see the beauty in greater splendor.



Gasp, hold breath…Total awe!!

Almost Wordless Wednesday

Having always wanted to see Uluru , last year my wish came true. I still can remember the excitement as the monolith came into distant view…The first photo shows the bend in the other wise straight road where  as you sweep round and  the rock fills your screenshot and mind with amazement! The second photo is of Kata Tjuta in the distant horizon. Both photos were taken on my iPad as the car sped us closer to the site (and sight lol).