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Celebrate Good Times

You receive some wonderful, improbable, hoped-for good news. How do you celebrate?

Growing up in a teetotalling family it wasn’t the bubbly or beer that was broken out. Celebrations in my family always revolved around sharing of food. We always had a special chosen meal for birthdays . The meals were of a take away nature something we didn’t eat so much of then. Our choice was mostly limited to Chinese food , KFC ( Kentucky Fried Chicken as it was known as then) or fish and chips.   My favourite ( still is actually) was sweet and sour chicken and fried rice. We didn’t eat out at night.


We also had a cake. Sometimes it was home made but the ones I remember best were those from a local cake shop. They decorated using mock cream and created the best ever sponge cake layered with cream and decorated (using mock cream ) with cute little mice and frogs on it. I’m no so sure why they chose mice- a somewhat strange choice but delicious. These cakes were even given to my children when they were little , before the cake store stopped this style.


Today we still celebrate with food.

So, if I were to receive good news it would definitely be a food occasion. As not a big alcohol consumer I wouldn’t organise that. Although I love eating out I would choose take away at home so we could all sit around and loudly discuss the news. Of course cake would be included. For me it would be a sponge cake with fresh cream. Still a favourite of mine.

Who would I celebrate with? Definitely the most important people to me … my husband , my two ‘kids’ and their partners.

Oh and I wouldn’t miss the opportunity to give a speech .

How do you celebrate the important events?