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Days of Freedom Gone

Always liked the humour of this joke ( is it really humour though? ha ha )

Mother goes into her daughter’s bedroom. “You’ve got to get up for school.”
Daughter pulls the blankets over her head and replies, “I don’t want to go to school, mother.”
“But you have to,” Mother said.
“I don’t want to. All the kids make fun of me.” Mother pulls the blanket back a little, “You don’t have any choice. You’ve got to get up for school.”
“OK, OK”, says the daughter, “But only if you give me one very good reason!”
“You’re 53years old and you’re the teacher.”

Well it’s that day for me. The alarm is due to go off in five minutes but I have actually been awake since my husband’s earlier alarm.

I have had time to calculate this term has 53 work days . So little time in reality to do so much. I’m excited to return. I think most kids are like that too. I look forward to catching up with my colleagues and setting up my new class. I look forward to getting to know my new class and helping them to rise to new challenges and to have many successful achievements under their belt by the end of those 53 days.

But I do rue the days of laziness, doing things when I want and as I want and completing tasks I’ve set myself. I will miss the ‘no alarm’ wake up and no pre-made lunches.
But I’m lucky that I’m going back to a job , a job I love even, as not everyone is that fortunate.

Wishing all the children, parents and teachers an exciting , prosperous school year.