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Weekly Photo Challenge: Abandoned

Weekly Photo Challenge – WordPress

For this week’s photo challenge, show us abandoned. You can go literal, as I have, and share a photo of ruins, a desolate place, or your idea of a wasteland. Or you can interpret it in other ways, from images of overlooked things to forgotten people.

Last weekend my husband and I travelled to Catherine Hill Bay( on the northern perimeter of Central Coast NSW). It is a village built on coal mining but today the old jetty has been abandoned to coal trains . Instead its a haven of pylons for diving beneath and swimming in a shady place.Today graffiti covers the gates that once were the entry of life to this jetty.





Weekly Photo Challenge: Eerie


Today I’m writing in response to WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge. I’m not a photographer but I take a lot of photos. I thought this suited the theme. There is some information after the photo to fill you in a little on this ‘eerie’ scene.




I took this photo in Litchfield NT Australia. There was something eerie about standing on a boardwalk, not a sound around (at that time we were the only people there) except for a soft rustle of grass beneath the boardwalk looking over the tomb-like creations, knowing inside a very busy world was active.

Magnetic Termite Mounds

These eerie tombstone like creations stretching as far as eye can see,  are in fact built by termites. Amazingly they are architectural feats  with arches, tunnels, chimneys, insulation and nursery chambers. The mounds are aligned north to south to minimise the exposure to the sun. You can read some more information here



Celebrate Good Times

You receive some wonderful, improbable, hoped-for good news. How do you celebrate?

Growing up in a teetotalling family it wasn’t the bubbly or beer that was broken out. Celebrations in my family always revolved around sharing of food. We always had a special chosen meal for birthdays . The meals were of a take away nature something we didn’t eat so much of then. Our choice was mostly limited to Chinese food , KFC ( Kentucky Fried Chicken as it was known as then) or fish and chips.   My favourite ( still is actually) was sweet and sour chicken and fried rice. We didn’t eat out at night.


We also had a cake. Sometimes it was home made but the ones I remember best were those from a local cake shop. They decorated using mock cream and created the best ever sponge cake layered with cream and decorated (using mock cream ) with cute little mice and frogs on it. I’m no so sure why they chose mice- a somewhat strange choice but delicious. These cakes were even given to my children when they were little , before the cake store stopped this style.


Today we still celebrate with food.

So, if I were to receive good news it would definitely be a food occasion. As not a big alcohol consumer I wouldn’t organise that. Although I love eating out I would choose take away at home so we could all sit around and loudly discuss the news. Of course cake would be included. For me it would be a sponge cake with fresh cream. Still a favourite of mine.

Who would I celebrate with? Definitely the most important people to me … my husband , my two ‘kids’ and their partners.

Oh and I wouldn’t miss the opportunity to give a speech .

How do you celebrate the important events?


Super Sensitivity

If you were forced to give up one sense, but gain super-sensitivity in another, which senses would you choose?

What a difficult choice but after some deliberation I have decided I would forgo touch to gain super sensitivity in hearing. Why you ask?


Eyes are the window to the soul. Watching people I am able to learn more about them than they can ever show me. Body language tells more than the words they use. It is sight that allows me to do such things as  see the expressions on the faces of those around me, enables me to watch the bloom grow on the plant, the sun rise and set against a hue of purple or pink clouds and to  look back on photos to recall happy events with added clarity . I’m not good with darkness . I’m not sure I could survive in a world without light.


I can’t imagine not hearing it again.  I grew up with listen to conversations, and joining in (Im one of the fastest talkers I know … and I listen just as well). I love to hear birds singing to welcome the dawn or warn of impending danger, rain falling on the roof when I’m tucked up warm inside. Music is an important part of my life, I grew up with constant background music and many songs hold precious memories for me when I hear them play. I play it loud at home and in the car. I love singing (though off key  … hmmm that might be a vote for losing hearing some may think J  )


I recently lost this for a few days after having a bad cold. I love eating and I love savouring the taste of food. Without taste, food became just an essential like water. I chewed for pure sustenance. The joy was gone. I ate food I don’t particularly normally enjoy as there was no reason to pile on calories when no pleasure was received from them.


Smells (though some unpleasant) too, create memories for me. A scent reminds me of my mum. I’m not sure what perfume it is exactly but when Imo put I know it when it wafts and it brings back wonderful memories. The smell of coffee tells me the day is beginning, onions cooking on a BBQ remind me of the BBQs we so often had as children, cakes baking in the oven remind me of afternoon tea from my childhood, diesel fuel I associate with the excitement of a flight to a holiday destination…I could go on and on.

Which brings me to why I would forgo touch


I would miss the feel of my husband’s and children’s hugs but I could watch their face as they hugged and see their comfort and love at the time. I wouldn’t miss the pain so often associated with touch . I wouldn’t feel my pet’s fur as I stroked them but I would hear the cat purr, watch the dog’s face as my hand brushed over them. No longer would I grimace at needles, cuts and burns (especially those from my hair straightener). Dry skin would no longer be an issue (I’ve been obsessed with hand and body lotion since as early as I can remember). I would enjoy walking in the ocean finally without the feel of salt crystals on my skin after.

And why an increase in hearing? My eyesight is fine (at least for now), taste and smell works well (except after a cold sometimes).  I must admit I love a good gossip. I’m thinking of all those whispered conversations that would be in my domain with improved hearing  J

Which sense would you be willing to forgo and why? Leave me a comment here. I look forward to your responses.


Weekly Photo Challenge (the sea)

What kind of emotions does the sea or ocean make you feel?

I leant this poem in 2nd class. I still remember it 🙂

At the Sea-Side

When I was down beside the sea
A wooden spade they gave to me
To dig the sandy shore.

My holes were empty like a cup.
In every hole the sea came up,
Till it could come no more.

by Robert Louis Stevenson

I am drawn to the sea, in times of trouble, happiness, fatigue and when energised. Growing up we had summer weekend trips to Mona Vale beach. We would get up super early, mum would pack a picnic lunch and ,excited , we would be driven to the beach. We would be home again before the midday sun became too hot.

In the spring school holiday we would head to the beachside town of The Entrance for a week. Here we would soak up the early heat of the springtime sun .

In my teens the beach became a spot to share fun times with my friends. We would catch the Manly Ferry across to Manly and sizzle our skin (supposedly to a rich brown- though I always wore lobster red well) using coconut oil or baby oil. Sunblock?? What was that??

Then, my holiday destinations were to beach resorts- the Gold Coast and Whitsundays in particular. Now I live by the ocean. I’m not a big fan of sand these days. I now prefer sitting watching it from the comfort of a cafe or bench . I don’t mind walking along the wave line on the sand but I’m a little wary of what might inhabit the depths.

I have put together this photo collage of what the sea means to me.

What are your thoughts on the sea?



I am a rock

In response to
Is it easy for you to ask for help when you need it, or do you prefer to rely only on yourself?Photographers, artists, poets: show us SELF.


The waves of life
Wash over my strong exteriors,
White foam cascades in a smothering blanket
Still I stand strong
A point of protection for the beautiful corals
A steady point for them to cling to
When the tides flow strong
For without me they would slide into the depths of darkness
But, inside the magma still pulsates hot,
Through cracks in the otherwise solid shell
It sneaks to the surface in a squishy mess,
And it is the corals that hold that part of me in place.


Daily Prompt: Name that… You!

I’m having a go at the Daily Post blog ideas.


The topic is

Do you know the meaning of your name, and why your parents chose it? Do you think it suits you? What about your children’s names?

Not so sure I know the meaning as much as the story behind its choice. So the story goes….

According to my mother (when I once asked about my name and why I was given it) my elder sister had been encouraged to participate in the naming of the new baby (me) after I arrived home from hospital. My mum was a very superstitious lady and she had told me due to lots of problems falling pregnant and carrying me to full term she didn’t want to choose a name in advance. For this reason too, I apparently slept my first few nights in a drawer removed from a chest of drawers. Again superstition prevented her from purchasing supplies in advance.

Anyway, apparently my sister offered three names to choose from:-

Onionhead – Yes that’s right Onionhead!!! Trying to research (via my friend Google) where she possibly got this name from I can only find 1950s books and movies. As that doesn’t correspond well to her timeline I’m thinking my father (who had a naughty sense of humour at times) probably thought it would be funny to put this seed of thought into her mind. That or it may have been my grandfather that dropped the seed. He too had an odd sense of humour. I doubt either believed she would vote so strongly for this name (least I WANT to believe that of her haha)

Matilda– Not bad, I could see me as a Matilda. My sister apparently named most of her dolls this so she obviously saw me as a little doll (complete with my own doll style bed haha).  But someone (or something??) convinced her to change her mind.

The third name (which won the vote) – Kerry-Anne. Apparently she had seen it written down that way at school as it was the name of a classmate. And so I was Kerry-Anne. To be honest it was only my maternal grandmother that called me Kerry-Anne (and her relatives). To most I was Kerry (and to Dad – Kez). When I left school and entered the big world I decided to be “Kerry-Anne” and have been for a very, very, very, long time.

Being ‘Kerry-Anne’ while I love the sound of it and the spelling, I do sometimes tire of correcting it. It seems using an ‘I’ or ‘ie’ is the preferred option and well, the hyphen confuses too…especially when filling out forms. Of course (to the Australian readers this will make sense) I get KAK (Kerri-Anne Kennerley – TV personality) and KA (mostly started I think cause the full name is a long one to say and write.

Did a quick GOOGLE and found this meaning of my name:-

Irish Meaning:
The name Kerrianne is an Irish baby name. In Irish the meaning of the name Kerrianne is: Dusky; dark.

SoulUrge Number: 2

People with this name have a deep inner desire for love and companionship, and want to work with others to achieve peace and harmony.

Expression Number: 5

People with this name are excited by change, adventure, and excitement. They are dynamic, visionary and versatile, able to make constructive use of freedom. They fight being restricted by rules and conventions. They tend to be optomistic (sic), energetic, intelligent, and to make friends easily. They may be changeable, restless, untidy, and rebellious.


Oh dear – it has no hyphen and an ‘i’ for the ‘y’  🙂

Leave a comment down below to let me know about the meaning of your name and/or how you chose names  for your children.

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Whenever the moon and stars are set

When the full moon happens, you turn into a person who’s the opposite of who you normally are. Describe this new you.


Saw this idea for a post. I had some fun with it using a drawing app on my iPad. This is OPPOSITE me 🙂


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On the edge

Daily Prompt: On the Edge
by michelle w. on August 19, 2013
We all have things as need to do to keep an even keel — blogging, exercising, reading, cooking. What’s yours?


Today I have been home from work. My daughter had 4 wisdom teeth removed. If ever I had an ‘On the Edge” day this is definitely one of the best of them!! Actually I am an edgy person at the best of times .

Check out her teeth!! How big they are !!! Lots of wisdom. I’m guessing the tooth fairy must pay well on these 🙂


I usually like to keep my day on an even keel by starting it with coffee. I don’t need the fancy cups with pretty swirled pictures atop ( though they are a very nice touch). No, I drive an 8 minute (yes time is of the essence on a weekday ) loop the opposite direction to my workplace to grab a drive-thru maccas ( that’s McDonalds for the non- Aussie readers). With this cup in hand my day rolls infinitely smoother. With meetings and duties before work this trip is planned precisely. The even keel begins to turn edgy though, when there is an abnormal amount of cars in the line up invariably all purchasing using cards rather than cash ( yes im guilty of that too …haha)
Saturdays I rarely do the drive thru, more likely to get my coffee while catching up with friends or missing out entirely. Sundays I’m spoilt and my husband usually picks one up for me on his way back from buying the Sunday papers. Now the weather is warming up its nice suiting outside reading the papers with my maccas coffee ( either a flat white or cappuccino as the mood takes me. )

Do you have something you enjoy doing to help keep your day on an even keel? Let me know in the comment box 🙂