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The Great Moscow Circus

Roll up Roll Up !! The circus is in town! But it leaves tonight 😦

I am a circus fan. That may seem odd for those of you that know I have a big aversion to clowns. I think it as to do with the fact they always look evil and masks scare me and a clown’s face is a heavy mask. I can remember being young and terrified in a Coles ( supermarket) store because every so often on a Saturday they would have a clown with a huge ( and I mean HUGE bigger than an exercise ball) head wander up the aisles. The purpose of this clown I do not know because I never hovered long enough to find out and I’m guessing my sisters weren’t allowed to get close cause I wouldn’t go near him. Anyway enough of clowns for now . Back to the circus.

Recently I attended the Great Moscow Circus. From the beginning the circus was dramatic and professional. It was a tad scary having a wizard character enter the ring bringing with him performers amongst a flash of coloured lights and loud commanding music. Then the amazing acts began. The audience held their breath and let out audible gasps as an artist performed on the silk ribbons. Trapeze artists flipped from swing to swing . A man walked on the outside of a tubular contraption as it rotated. None of the aerial acts had safety nets adding to the dramatics. Ponies pranced around the ring, knives were thrown ( including some while he knife thrower wore a blindfold!! ) and bikes raced around inside a dome that looked too small to hold them even in a standing position let alone while racing. The dome opened towards the end of their ride and I must admit by the gasps and screams of those sitting around me, I wasn’t the only one thinking the dome was breaking . There was also a quick dress change item. How good would that be when deciding an outfit for a night out !! I spent time trying to work out he magic and contemplated googling it when I to home but decided I didn’t want the magic to disappear .

Though not a cheap night out , the show went for 2 hours and the glitz and precision of acts were good value for the price. Oh and the clowns don’t wear the outrageous face paint 🙂 I laughed lots, cheered and spent much of the time in amazement of these performers.

Are you a circus fan? Tell me what you think about circuses.