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Day 2 total = 3

Yesterday I tossed out the coffee pot . I thought finding two things to toss today would be easy. A couple of hours and creative thoughts about the potential of things in my study’s wardrobe ( basically the refuge for every homeless item in our house) I finally moved to my own room’s stash in desperation to find the 2 unlucky things. At the moment our bedroom is draped across the floor of the forbidden room ( read here for a glossary type explanation) as we move everything in anticipation of new floorboards in the bedroom. Finally I found 2 things.


Objects- 1 thong ( the partner is missing ) , 1 pink lipstick
Acquired – The thongs I bought. They aren’t an expensive brand rather a cheap department store brand, but I liked them because I’m not big on brands rather on what I like. It’s not like I expect ted buying expensive ones would be economical. I like to be able to replace have many pairs. I have no idea where or when the other thong walked off but I always hoped one day it would walk back into my life. This hasn’t however been the case, in the 12 months or so I’ve been missing it. I suspect it just did not make it into a suitcase on some holiday experience. Having said that, I’ve never wished to throw this one out …just in case. I have since purchased several more pairs.
I love pink lipstick. In fact I love pink in most things, but with my skin tone I have yet to find the right shade and it’s not from not looking hard enough. This is yet another in my sad pile of make up mistakes. So…straight to the garbage!
Result – a vacant spot on my shoe rack ( I just know that thong will turn up now haha and one less lipstick in my overcrowded make up box.
Tossed item Tally – 3
Things left to remove – 462



Rounded tip to a point!

My heavy workload is finished for a few days. I have time to ‘play for a day or two’. So, how do I fill my idle hours?

Well, first I dedicate a little time to the neglected house. The emphasis being on ‘little’. Then I headed to my computer, I call myself the GOOGLE queen. If it’s there lurking somewhere I will find it …eventually…no matter how long it takes.

google queemn


What was I looking for today? My lipstick has often been ridiculed for its shape. No matter the brand all my lipsticks eventually end up like this – go on take a look!


First the tip becomes rounded then it smooths out until the rounded tip is tapered to a soft rounded edge. Worst thing is the day the end drops off. Invariably it breaks unannounced, dropping down over my clothing roiling to create a decorative smudge. When that happens I just begin working my way on the now smaller lipstick.

I headed to GOOGLE asking “What does your lipstick say about you?” I wasn’t actually totally convinced I’d find something but look at this!



 A bit hard to read but that reads 28,000,000 results in 0.26 seconds! A lot about lipstick!!!

I used chose the first website . Its comment on me was-


Rounded tip to a point


Family oriented, domestic

A “doer”

Stubborn over little things


Needs people around


This doesn’t sound far from my mark!  I asked my daughter her opinion and she agreed. Time for you to take a look at your lipstick. What does it say about you? Let me know or share a photo.