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A Thing of Beauty

A thing of beauty is a joy forever

      Its loveliness increases,

        It will never

     Pass into nothingness.

                John Keats

He surely wrote this with Hamilton Island in mind. I have seen the island in all seasons, each with its own beauty. The sky is a lighter blue in winter but temperatures hover mid 20C , the springtime breezes caress the palm fronds, afternoon  storms are more spectacular in summer and in autumn hardly any rain seems to fall  and the skies are crisp blue. But enough words , for this post is supposed to be a wordless . But I just couldn’t resist adding a few ‘brushstrokes ‘with ‘word paint’.

Make sure you click on the image to see the beauty in greater splendor.




Why it’s important to look at the BIG picture

Today we had the funniest experience on our vacation. We had a tasty dinner at the tavern then decided to drive our buggy ( island transport ) to the ice cream parlour. We ate ice cream and watched as a dinner cruise came back to berth. It was lit up beautifully and it’s reflection glittered on the water. We laughed as the poor deck hand took three attempts to pass the mooring rope to the waiting sailor on the wharf.

The guests of this cruise wandered off the wharf and back to their buggies. Despite these buggies only being for 4 people it was humorous watching how many crammed 5 passengers awkwardly onboard. We ambled back to our black buggy and decided we’d do a short night drive around the island. We had to stand still as a gleeful group reversed out of the parking spot and it was crammed with 5 persons all laughing loudly as they attempted to gang on as the buggy drove off.

It was then we realised our buggy was missing and was in fact the one that had just taken off before our eyes. There in the next spot was a glam red buggy. Intrigued how they could have driven off while we had the key we tested this other buggy. Sure enough the key worked. Our buggy obviously wasn’t stolen as much as had been chosen incorrectly.

My buggy – note the colour and the unflattering shot of me.

The glam one – note the colour


I called security and their advice was to take this red buggy home. It will become their job tomorrow to track our buggy. Of course the first question I was asked by security was had I left the keys in the ignition. I explained that I had the key and it worked the glam buggy. He implied this didn’t happen often. Never one to be accepting as a buggy pulled up alongside my news glam one I asked if I could try the key trick. Sure enough it started this buggy too. Obviously the keys are interchangeable and so in effect the buggies are far from secure but I’m guarding this us known by few ( except for golf buggy owners that use them on greens.

So while my buggy was black and their’s red I’ll show you why the big picture is important.
Seems this little golf ball ( that’s on just a few buggies) was the point they based their buggy choice on. Not colour, not number plate but a little tiny golf ball . I’m not sure I want to part with the glam model to be honest 🙂 You will need to look really carefully to see it. It’s that little white dot .


I’m thinking I didn’t flap my arms enough as that clock ticked over to midnight and a new year. So again…” Begone 2013…Shoo, before I get nasty “. Haha


New day on the horizon

I’m linking this to THANKFUL THURSDAY .

Up early, the melodic bird chorus is only broken by the distant motor of a boat or two and the crisp sound of gravel under the heel of walkers. A beautiful time of the day. Beautiful place, HAMILTON ISLAND. 

The sun creeps slowly from it’s hiding place behind the headland. It fans out its skirt of golden beams, it’s hot centre a golden ball of light. In the foreground , rippling waves cause the glow to shimmer and the light sneaks up to illuminate the still dark coral flats of low tide. Seagulls walk amongst the coral and sand selecting their meal from the unsuspecting life forms that are beneath their feet.



I witness this with just a few other lucky beings now, and those that still hold the memory of the scene from times before.



Good from bad

For my regular visitor you know I was wishing the last year away from the moment it arrived. Such is the life of a triskaidekaphobic. Last year I watched the year heralded in, viewing fireworks from Sydney on TV in the company of my husband and a few friends. I made a promise to myself then and there, vowing I would see this year out with a bang in some special way, which I did. At the time I was secretly planning to do this in Sydney which I hadn’t done since welcoming 2000.


As the year progressed I attributed every bad event to this number. On my home front to name a few, my son injured his knee, my daughter seemed to have a series of throat and chest infections as did I, our puppy was hospitalised twice – once ill, the other due to a paralysis tick. My niece had an insect bite requiring hospital treatment as the reaction was extreme. Then, as the year almost disappeared, my father in law took a tumble resulting in horrendous injuries and bleeding within his lung and almost 4 weeks later he is just moving into a rehab hospital. I also watched my friends face tragedies of illness and injury to their loved ones, marriages dissolving, families breaking down, jobs lost. The country was ravaged by fires, floods, storms and in November a TORNADO even ripped through Hornsby ( a suburb of Sydney!!). Oh and we can’t forget the shambles of the federal politics either!

Yes, these things happen in life but my sensitive to the year made them seem bigger and somehow almost expected. Then, as the individual and national event lists climbed, others began joining me in saying the year was a bad one, adding fuel to my belief .

But, it wasn’t all bad ( thank goodness). Good seems to have a way of out shining bad. My kidadults had a happy year. My son enjoyed the opportunity to branch out in his job, my daughter had a successful study year and they both had some great holidays away. My kids are always my happiness. I made some new friendships meeting totally by chance. My sister found out she is to become a grandma and a dear friend became a grandma only days before the year end ( trust me 2013 dabbled its finger here making the pregnancy so hard for my friend’s daughter – but good still did reign supreme). My sister in law got engaged and bought a new home with her fiancé.

And, for me, I decluttered my home something I had never been able to achieve before and got rid of my clothes replacing them with 3 sizes smaller ones ( not sure this is a positive on the bank front though as I can now buy so many extra clothes hahahaha). I thank 2013 for these two achievements. I felt I the year was controlling everything and as a controller I had to find something I could hold strong to.

And so, as the clock struck midnight on Hamilton Island ( yes, I achieved my goal of being somewhere special) I literally waved that year out while shouting “Begone 2013! Shoo! You aren’t welcome anymore! “. Auld Lang Syne was played and I don’t deny I had tears in my eyes. Those around me were too caught up in their own celebrations to care ( as they should be) and if someone was watching I’m sure they thought I had just over-imbibed. I was drunk, but not on alcohol. Rather I was drunk on the elation my family, friends and I had struggled through and made it on the flip side and my tears were ones of joy.

Shadows of 2013. See us on the brick wall 🙂 


With a salute 2013 moved away making room for new beginnings


Welcome 2014, here’s hoping for a year full of positive achievements and much happiness for everyone.