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By Heart

Daily Prompt– You’re asked to recite a poem (or song lyrics) from memory — what’s the first one that comes to mind? Does it have a special meaning, or is there another reason it has stayed, intact, in your mind?

I learnt this poem in Year 2 at school. I loved poetry even at that young age. I loved the rhyme and music in the words. I remember this poem for a few reasons. It was it was in a book called A Child’s Garden of Verse. I don’t remember if I was given the book because the poem was in it or it just so happened it was.

windy nights

I was taught this poem to recital level  by a teacher who was  often very negative, however I rose to her expectations throughout the year she taught me. It’s funny how kids and even adults will often seek the approval of the very ones who put them down. This teacher placed high value on poetry recital and it was up my alley! I achieved here what others couldn’t and it felt good to succeed.

The secret was I was  more than happy to practise this poem on my own time while to the rest of the class I guess it was a chore. The words painted a picture of danger to me – danger that was there when the wind howled- the very danger my parents tried to allay when storms and  very windy nights would frighten me. It added credence to my belief that storms did in fact have an element of danger. I loved bringing the words to life with expression, often done in my head when the lights were turned off for bedtime and always when the weather  turned.

I imagined that man on his horse…  coat tails flapping with the gallop, the sudden halting of the horse on his command to turn and go back. I imagined the nostrils of the horse flaring against the cold and wet that smothered the man and his horse. I felt the sting of mud tossed by the hooves and heard the whinny against the howl of that wind.

To this day I still love this poem. I am also thankful to that teacher. She had little faith but that developed in me a desire to push a little harder to achieve just to show her I could. I still have that push when needed- a gentle competitive streak. She also fostered my developing love of poetry as it was obviously a passion to her and we spent much time learning many.

To this day I still wonder who he is.




Can’t Get it Out of My Head

I must say at the present moment the thing I can’t get out of my head is the missing Malaysian plane MH370. My heart goes out to the families of all those aboard. I can only begin to fathom how they are coping and feel also for those that were on this plane. My son, his girlfriend and her sisters recently traveled to Japan in the wake of the bizarre disappearance of the Malaysian airline plane. Normally trusting of air travel, this time it was a nervous wait to hear they had arrived at their destination.
I know many other catastrophic events have happened and are happening as I write this post. Countries are at war, people are starving, people are dying from disease, suffering is happening across our globe affecting people. So, why aren’t I obsessing over these, just the missing plane? As bad as they are, and as much as I feel for those affected, in the back of my mind I guess the thought is these are things that can be controlled, solved (hopefully), made better. I can help even if some small way.  However this flight brings home to me the reality that once I board a plane I have no further control of the situation. I like to fly as does my family and it’s frightening to contemplate my loved ones… or myself…suffering the same fate as the passengers and crew that were on board this flight. Despite trusting air travel I must admit there is always a small niggle of doubt when the plane sounds a little different or maybe rocks in turbulence.

Am I obsessed then because the puzzle has no answer and I like all puzzles to have an answer, a walkthrough, a cheat sheet, to finalise the problem? As hard as everyone has tried, not even a tiny fragment has been located to show this plane and the people aboard actually existed. I have taken time to examine satellite images when the public were asked to join in. I had no idea what I was looking for but nevertheless I felt compelled to scan, hoping to find that elusive thing to tie this altogether neatly.


There are so many conspiracy theories being put forward. Pilots have been scrutinised, fake passport holders examined, kidnapping of IT specialists on board, dare I even mention terrorism. Are these theories a way to take comfort in the thought that mechanically we just can’t lose a plane in an era of surveillance enriched by technology? Do they seem far-fetched enough to help in belief that the likelihood of this happening on our own flight is negligible? Did I ever contemplate that these huge metal transporters could just flick a switch off and become totally untraceable?

So, now I’m off to see if there are any new theories, maybe a black box discovered or idealistically the plane discovered having landed safely in some remote place, with everyone OK and just waiting to be discovered.


Weekly Photo Challenge: Abandoned

Weekly Photo Challenge – WordPress

For this week’s photo challenge, show us abandoned. You can go literal, as I have, and share a photo of ruins, a desolate place, or your idea of a wasteland. Or you can interpret it in other ways, from images of overlooked things to forgotten people.

Last weekend my husband and I travelled to Catherine Hill Bay( on the northern perimeter of Central Coast NSW). It is a village built on coal mining but today the old jetty has been abandoned to coal trains . Instead its a haven of pylons for diving beneath and swimming in a shady place.Today graffiti covers the gates that once were the entry of life to this jetty.