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Chat over Coffee

If we were to have coffee it would be in a cafe. I love having my coffee made for me ( those swirly pictures in the foam add to the experience) . Being able to choose something delicious ( like a cake, preferably with cream) to go with it is essential too – the whole experience- cemented together with friendship talk.

My talk of course would start about my kidults, although they are grown up and live away from home we still keep in close contact and I couldn’t imagine life any other way. My son and his fiancé are mulling over wedding plans and their dog ( oh I miss him living here) has had an infected paw needing antibiotics. He is a beautiful natured Cavalier but one of those dogs ( like some people) that injuries and illness just seem to happen often too. Lucky he has good people watching over him closely. My daughter is off to school camp in Monday for three days. As an over anxious parent I always hated school camps and gave my kids strict instructions to stay near the teachers and not get lost wandering. Now she is the teacher – still told her to stay close to the others :)) Her partner is nursing a foot injury that has been recurring for quite a while. I feel for him not being able to pursue his love of running at the moment.


I’d tell you about our campsite home. This here will fill in the background talk. The floorboards are down and the painting is done with just a few touch ups go finish. The painting is thanks to my husband taking some of his holidays to finish the job and it does look great. Hopefully today we will start moving at least our bedroom furniture back into the room. I’m over having to get up from virtually down on the ground each morning. In keeping with my declutter theme a lot will not be returning to the rooms. I am taking part in a 30 day declutter challenge which is difficult for hoarders as my husband and I are, but it’s happening so it’s all good.


I wouldn’t bother you with telling about work except to say this year I’m being more realistic about my time spent on it at the expense of time doing things I enjoy.
Let’s not have this conversation all one sided. I’ll sip my coffee and devour the cake while I listen about your week. Look forward to reading about it in your comment 🙂




Cinderella 2014

You stumble upon a random letter on the path. You read it. It affects you deeply, and you wish it could be returned to the person to which it’s addressed. Write a story about this encounter.
Today’s twist: Approach this post in as few words as possible.
Here’s my attempt at using only 50 words to (hopefully) tell a story. This is a huge challenge for me as I always seem to be excessive in my word usage. Oh and it’s not a message on a path but a scene played out in a café.

He: “Should’ve known rushing off without leaving her number meant a no show.”
She: “Hello, I know it’s odd but I’m meeting a man, Ted, at your café and I’ve no way to contact him. I’m late but am almost there.”

I wrote her message …but his table was empty.

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On the edge

Daily Prompt: On the Edge
by michelle w. on August 19, 2013
We all have things as need to do to keep an even keel — blogging, exercising, reading, cooking. What’s yours?


Today I have been home from work. My daughter had 4 wisdom teeth removed. If ever I had an ‘On the Edge” day this is definitely one of the best of them!! Actually I am an edgy person at the best of times .

Check out her teeth!! How big they are !!! Lots of wisdom. I’m guessing the tooth fairy must pay well on these 🙂


I usually like to keep my day on an even keel by starting it with coffee. I don’t need the fancy cups with pretty swirled pictures atop ( though they are a very nice touch). No, I drive an 8 minute (yes time is of the essence on a weekday ) loop the opposite direction to my workplace to grab a drive-thru maccas ( that’s McDonalds for the non- Aussie readers). With this cup in hand my day rolls infinitely smoother. With meetings and duties before work this trip is planned precisely. The even keel begins to turn edgy though, when there is an abnormal amount of cars in the line up invariably all purchasing using cards rather than cash ( yes im guilty of that too …haha)
Saturdays I rarely do the drive thru, more likely to get my coffee while catching up with friends or missing out entirely. Sundays I’m spoilt and my husband usually picks one up for me on his way back from buying the Sunday papers. Now the weather is warming up its nice suiting outside reading the papers with my maccas coffee ( either a flat white or cappuccino as the mood takes me. )

Do you have something you enjoy doing to help keep your day on an even keel? Let me know in the comment box 🙂