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Guaranteed Pan Envy!

Tonight I cooked dinner. Nothing so special in that I hear your mind thinking .  But, picture the scene…Oven – long dead; Stove top – one working hotplate; Enthusiasm – ZERO .

Typical conversation starts with my daughter. It’s only us tonight, my son’s gone to dinner with his girlfriend, and my husband’s gone to dinner with his dad. We list the take away choices only to find we are now at the point where (due to overkill) we turn our noses up at every variety of take away. We decide on Fettuccine Carbonara something we both enjoy.

New dilemma…Which sauce brand did we like (most weren’t to our liking). My daughter then utters those words that usually see me dive for the nearest take away menu and rapidly start phoning an order – “Can you make real carbonara from scratch?”

For some odd reason (Am I running a temperature? Am I delirious? ) I see myself calmly opening my iPad and googling a recipe. How hard could it be? I start reading the recipes with her and she discovers most contain eggs ( a dislike of hers), usually I just omit reading such ingredients but the word had slipped out too quickly and no way could I swallow it back just as she wouldn’t swallow a dish with 3 eggs in it.

Then I remembered the recipe a work colleague had given me and his dish was always tasty (yes I’d conned him to bring me lunch leftovers when he’d cooked this for dinner the evening before). Off I went to the supermarket armed with a mental note of ingredients. Although it only needed fettuccine, cream, bacon, mushrooms, onions, shallots and garlic somehow or other my trolley also featured frozen dessert pies of several flavours, Cornettos in a 4 box (Ice cream in a wafer cone) and some vanilla ice cream.

It all turned out too easy! I cooked the fettuccine to perfection using the method I gained from a favourite TV show (not Master chef or My kitchen Rules but rather Honey Boo Boo ) of tossing a piece of pasta onto a cupboard – if it sticks it’s cooked. Still only using the one hotplate that works , I sautéed (I speak the cooking lingo lol)onions with bacon then added mushrooms. I stirred this over a low heat (well, like I had much option on the hotplate) then added the cream, garlic and shallots. After simmering for a few minutes I tossed the fettuccine into the pan and we had FETTUCCINE CARBONARA!! I must admit while it looked inviting my daughter and I were somewhat hesitant in our first mouthful. The look of amazement on her face was priceless. It tasted fantastic!

Maybe now I have a signature main dish and dessert (rainbow layered cake). Better start working on an entrée.


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