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On my way…

The WordPress photo prompt this week is about the journey.

‘In-between moments can be just as memorable as grand finales. This week, share a photo you took on the way to something else.’

These photos show on the way to Norfolk Island. I visited in January . I was looking for a summer holiday break and this destination looked beautiful. It certainly lived up to that expectation too. The scenery was amazing and the way of life relaxed. And if you want to read about my flight over take a look here 😄

First glimpse

First glimpse

Flying over Emily Bay

Flying over Emily Bay






Descent – Weekly Photo Challenge

I’m not a step/stair person. Give me the elevator or escalator any time. On my recent trip to Italy however,  avoiding  steps  meant missing out…so descend I did ( and ascend as well!! ). This particular staircase at the Vatican Museum was one of the more interesting ornate descents.


This one was at the site of Pompeii at the arena. Awe inspiring history.

brian ph 832 I have never descended ( nor imagined I would ever) so many steps as I did on this trip and each assisted me to see  amazing things.


Weekly Writing Challenge: Fifty

So, can you tell a story in just fifty words? This is the Weekly Prompt on the Daily Post @ WordPress.com.  I’m big on talking so I wondered if I could create a story in just so few words. Here’s my attempt. What do you think?


The clouded midnight sky prevented the full moon glow entering her house of pain. Cloak of darkness strengthened her courage. Dragging the large knife upward preparing to bring it down as he slept, clouds parted for a moment, moon rays illuminating the cold, steel blade. She loathed who she’d become.