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Michelle’s Weekly Pet Challenge

I added Sheldon a few weeks back, so now it’s Blacky’s turn. Blacky’s real name as listed at the vet is Bugasby McSnugasby but in reality she answers to the call of a rustling plastic bag or the refrigerator opening. I call her Blacky.

Enjoying tasty tinsel icicles.

We have had Blacky for almost 3 years. She came to us from the RSPCA (well my daughter hunted for a black kitten) and she has always suffered from anxiety. The mere idea of a stranger sends her scrambling to hide in one of her self selected ‘safe spots’. She has been known to hide for hours at a time. We make sure she is in a safe room if we are having any visitors. She is a lot chubbier than the photo suggests, weighing in at around 7kgs  (she eats when stressed like all our family hahaha).


Blacky only leaves the house when on her leash. She is a little apprehensive even then but does enjoy the fresh air for a little while. As my daughter’s cat, she follows her around closely. When my daughter is away I’m next in line for love – oh and early in the morning I’m the one she knocks on the bedroom door for, as she knows I’ll get up even in the wee hours of the morning to give her a cuddle and a little food.irdvzuWe are both Google queens 🙂

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