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Twitter Anyone?? 

I started my Twitter account back in October 2013. I didn’t really understand the concept of #hashtags and thought it polite to follow everyone who followed me. I learned the @ tag was actually part of my (is it a ) name. 

My first followers were family but gradually I have built a small following picked up from my love of cavalier dogs, black cats and my high involvement in watching reality television. 
 Today I was reading through the tweets of  @WanderinPoet and saw a tweet about How to Spot Fake Followers  and it got me thinking about how to increase my followers so I posed the question back about how to increase followers. The reply was almost instantaneous ( just how I like things) with a tweet AND a WordPress blog post of information ( read here). If you are a Twitter learner like me you’ll no doubt  find it interesting – I did. 
My Twitter usage is social predominantly, I love that I can always find something to comment on or join in a discussion, and admire a photo or read an inspiring quote. I’ve also used it to contact big brands for tech help. I also use it to publicise my new WordPress blog posts ( that have been few and far between recently).  
If you are a tweeter how do you use Twitter?  Oh and can you tell me if a ‘@whoever’ is shared differently in  Twitter  if it’s put at the start  or end of a tweet – I notice people do either . 



“To look backward for a while is to refresh the eye, to restore it, and to render it the more fit for its prime function of looking forward.”
–  Margaret Fairless Barber

I’ve been doing some looking back – looking back through my blog. This diary contains so much of me , dreams, ideas, experiences and passions. I’m always trying to learn new things so today I played with the ‘pages’ on my WordPress blog, adding two . I have made  ‘My Favourites of 2012’ and a ‘Some Deep and Meaningful Muses’ pages. I also found out you can link photos with hyperlinks. So much to learn!

Hope you will take a look  and let me know what you think…or some more new ideas for me to try.