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Thanks to Suz :)

Seems in the blogging world there are many chances to support other bloggers by showing appreciation of their content. Suz of It Goes On blog has nominated me for the Dragons Loyalty award.


It was an unknown one to me , but I particularly liked her approach in awarding it to those she says visit regularly and add to her day. I’m honoured to have been chosen. I enjoy reading her down to earth blog. It was one if the earliest I read when I started blogging. I absolutely love the interaction when comments I make are acknowledged on a blog and she does just that. To me that’s the difference between just reading a book and getting to know the author and understand more of their perspective give on life.

So, I have to tell 7 facts about myself and then nominate 7 blogs for the award.

Here’s some lesser known facts about me.

1 Despite my intense fear of clowns I love going to the circus. I believe I have mastered the required amount of eye contact with them to discourage them from interacting with me. Having said that I always have sweaty palms when they are in the circus ring of wandering around ( the scariest time!!)

2 I love to sing-a-long loudly with the radio or CDs when in the car. If I’m a passenger I even get the opportunity to be animated in my actions .

3 I can never imagine myself having short hair. The thought scares me. I think this is because as a child I often had it fairly short.

4 I can’t remember the last time I had no nail polish on my finger and toe nails. Oh yes I can! It was the day I had my daughter (she’s 22 ) as it was compulsory in surgery. I was lucky when I had my son, there was no time for nurses to remove it .

5 I love watching TV shows like Dance Moms, Four Weddings, Wife Swap and Honey Boo Boo Child.

6 I believe ‘ghosts’ exist ( though I’m not really sure what they are exactly) and I’m convinced I have experienced them up close and personal….I have stories to stand your hair on end.

7 Despite having completed what was known as Home a Science ( or cooking ) to Year 12, completing it with an excellent grade, I LOATHE cooking and I burn a lot of things because I get sidetracked while I’m waiting for things to cook. I think I loathe it because it requires single tasking and I don’t do that well.

I’m nominating seven of my readers for this award that I have got to know through interacting with them both on my blog  and their’s.








Now I’m off to let these people know of my having given them this award.


Thanks Don! You are Awesome!!

I was ‘awarded this Awesome Blog Content (ABC) Award by a blogster (is that a real word or one from ‘my’ dictionary??) Don Charisma. I have adopted him as my mentor …basically I lurk around his blog picking up tips, ideas and having a laugh. You would probably enjoy his blog too. I don’t consider it an award – rather a challenge!



Section 1: Directions for you to accept the Awesome Blog Content (ABC) Award (challenge)

   1. Display the Award on your Blog.   TICK

    2. Announce your win with a post and thank the Blogger who awarded you.                                                               TICK

    3. Present 8 deserving Bloggers with the Award.   TICK

   4.  Link your awardees in the post and let them know of their being awarded  with a comment. TICK

    5. Write a word or phrase about yourself for each letter of the Alphabet.  TICK


Section 2: A word or phrase about myself for each letter of the Alphabet

Against having to walk far

Blacky is my cat

Can’t cook



Fast thinker

Great friends

Hamilton Island favourite place on the Earth

I thought this would be easy…but its not!

Just love eating out

Keep collecting ibooks

Learnt Basic ( very , very  basic ) Italian – Favourite phrase “Il tavolo è marrone”  hardly a catch phrase!

Masks scare me so Halloween is nightmarish to me

Never enough hours in my day

Orange will never be the new pink IMO


Queen of quotes and analogies


Sheldon is my dog

Terrified of clowns

Urban dweller

Very determined

Want more than I ever get

Xcited now I can see the finish line J

Yesterday is today’s tomorrow! (as queen of the quotes I needed to get one in some how!)

Zonked after a long work week


Now to find 8 blogs to pass on this challenge.

1    http://justalittlebackgroundnoise.wordpress.com/


3   http://fivedegreesofchaos.com

4 http://www.musingsofthemisguided.com



7 http://pattisjarrett.wordpress.com/

8 http://pinkbutterflies-blog.com/