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If only I’d had a crystal ball

Totally devastated today. As an extremely hesitant medication/ medical intervention/ medical test taker I finally got an AstraZeneca vaccine 4 weeks ago. I wanted to see my kids that badly. I could foresee possible restrictions lifted to see family if vaccinated so I did it.

This wasn’t an easy thing for me. Everyday (and I mean all day) I can’t stop thinking about if I have a headache and if it’s a blood clot. I have done 28 of those days ( starting day one as ATAGI says Days 1-83 with days 4-18 most common). The pamphlet said to Day 42. Then I read in an ATAGI report that while rare, there have been some cases of clots after the second shot. Great, I get to repeat my 83 days of anguish. That’s until Wednesday, 16 February 2022!!

Had a very sore arm that was hard to move from the day after I got my vaccination. 11 days after the vaccine my arm swelled, hot and red about a tennis ball round size near the site. Least I had my second outing for the month- to the doctor ( the first was to dr for the vaccination).This arm lasted til day 20.

My only way of getting through this was telling myself I would see my kids. 

I was told ( doctor) that 12 weeks between shots is max efficacy. I was told 6 weeks is ok for now. I took this vaccine to get max efficacy as I know I don’t get great results from vaccines. I’m fully vaccinated ( and boosters ) for whooping cough yet have had it diagnosed through nasal tests twice. Tests also showed when I was pregnant that my rubella immunity was similarly poor.
For this reason was going to wait 12 weeks. This is to the end of November. It was a long time to wait but there was no alternative for me at my age. No Pfizer at my age for me!

Now, if I’d waited out just 4 weeks I could be getting a Pfizer shot in 2 days ( next appt at local hospital) then wait three weeks until double vaxed with max efficacy and be hugging my kids. As it is now,  I must remain away a further 5 weeks than that date  and watch them on FaceTime as they mix with their families including my husband. 

I have been punished for doing the right thing. Or, I made a poor choice I suppose. Those that hung off waiting are now reaping rewards that I will have to wait for.

My reward for doing the right thing is longer in stay at home orders as I’m not double vaccinated. I knew I would have to wait til the 24th November and was ok with that until I saw the Pfizer appts opening. I guess I will take another risk and have the booster early and worry about my coverage later.

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