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Groundhog Day

Writing this while I listen to the PM’s daily update.           cvid

I have frequently watched this movie, laughing at its absurdity…until the day I woke up in my own Groundhog (or Covid19 Day).

One of my favourite DVDs

One of my favourite DVDs

Around March 15 I put myself in what I called social isolation. It wasn’t because I had had any (known) contact with an infected person or a close contact of theirs. It was because I knew this virus lurked in a cloak of invisibility amongst the general population. That person that served you in the supermarket or fruit shop. A fellow shopper. Possibly my family. Possibly on that delivery from the post office. When I did venture out (twice) it was a fast dash, and a manic woman screeching at those who attempted to invade my 1.5 metre personal space of social distancing. It feels like I’ve been doing this for months but the calendar suggests only 3 weeks.

Every morning the alarm goes off at 7 am.


My dog has diabetes so he has insulin at 7 am and 7 pm daily. If he is being fed so must the cat, else her miaowing persists. While I wait for ten minutes after eating to pass to give the insulin I scroll Facebook and Instagram. I secretly hope that while doing this I will read the post that declares the vaccine has been found for the virus.

After this, the TV goes on and I watch an episode of any series I’m watching at the time. The most recent is Tiger King (worthy of a whole blog post). Then it’s time for the Gladys (Premier of NSW) report the state. It’s on a run, with the same people speaking, saying the same things, while the journalists ask questions too softly to be heard …though I always hear Ruby Princess in their questions.

Breakfast happens now around 9 am …yes, I know it seems like more than 2 hours, thats because it’s  2hrs CV19 hours . A Covid19 hour definitely has more minutes than a regular hour.

Then I fill my day with :-

**a speck of housework. I don’t want to peak too early by finishing it, I may have 6 more moths to fill according to the politician leaders.

**Lots of social media


**some ukulele time. Found myself a 30 days of lessons to join

**Lots of social media


** Covid reports from leaders


**Too much social media

** Covid reports from leaders

**some ukulele time

**outside for some sunshine (if it’s not raining)

(rotate through these things several times until 7pm)

**Feed the animals and give the dog his insulin




Then the alarm goes off….. clock