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Bushfire – too simple a word

A sunrise with a cool breeze blowing. A peaceful vision with the song of birds heralding the new day.

Hard to believe just over 200kms away this sun is the same one my friends and families are viewing, hazed by heavy smoke. They view from fire evacuation centres or while bunking with family and friends, breathing in the acrid bushfire smoke for yet another day. Not knowing the extent of destruction that may have happened to their homes overnight. Hoping they have been lucky with winds in their favour, but that is bittersweet knowing this means hardship for others. Animals without a voice are shown no mercy as the destructive flames overpower the environment.

Though heart wrenching, houses can be rebuilt and with love turned into homes again. But, this harsh demon hasn’t just wrapped it flaming hands around homes, but lives of those at its mercy as they try to calm this beast. This is the harshest rebuild back.

A destructive war, fought by brave heroic people. A war where, try as they might, the enemy is so larger and not retreating. It will be conquered but the toll of destruction will have widespread implications for a very, very long time. Life has changed. War does that.