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Old, new, different


I’m really enjoying my time being dictated by me now rather than work driven. I’ve had a chance to read and now I’m taking time to write.

This Christmas was a new experience for me. It was the first where both my kidults no longer live in the family home. They have spread their wings and I must admit I’m proud of the responsible, caring adults they have become- not that I expected less 🙂 This year Christmas was organised around sharing their time with their new families too. Traditions were broken but new events filled the spaces.

The changes started Christmas Eve. As my elderly FIL had decide he would do Christmas with friends at his retirement home ( rather than our home), my husband and his brother visited him Christmas Eve. This meant I had the opportunity to hold the tv remote and chose to watch the carols broadcast from interstate ( Melbourne). By the time the carols ended it was too late to watch our traditional DVD of National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation.

We kept our traditional Christmas breakfast going of pancakes and berries then set up the table filled with nibbles, in anticipation of the kidult visits. We were all here for that then my daughter and her partner left to visit his family. After lunch my son and his partner left to do more family visits leaving my husband and his brother watching ( what I’d call uninteresting) DVDs and me curled up in my ‘forbidden room’ reading and playing with my ( well my kids’ but I’m minding them) pets.
It turned out to be a relaxing day. I love traditions and must admit the thought of changes had bothered me. However I focused less on the preparation and presentation and more on time with the family. It was especially magical having my kids here, watching them both in a new light. I think this day made me really understand what I had been parenting for. I know I will always have that role ( in some minor way) but on this day it truly felt like friends – my best friends all together. I always thought my best Christmases were those watching my kids open sacks brimming with every new toy known to Santa. Maybe it’s a thing about getting older but the best gift I received this Christmas was love.


                                                                                  My family :))
In the true tradition of Christmas in my home wasn’t really gone. Our tradition is spending time together, it’s just taken me a while to work it out. The other activities are the trimmings on the tree- and I won’t dispute they really add the edge to the tree 🙂
Christmas night, when the tables were cleared, dishwasher was churning away, the lounges back in place, my husband and I watched National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation. We still recited most of it and laughed before parts happened. The dog snored peacefully at my feet and the cat…well she was off on her own, relishing the peace of the night.

What traditions do you follow at this time of the year? Have they been added to or changed with time? Any you just couldn’t imagine going without?


Author: Travelling Macs

A mum to 2 grown up children who always make me proud, a wife and a full time school teacher. I love eating great food but am not motivated to cook. Love traveling around this great country in which I live. Often found traveling with my husband Brian. I write for pleasure and if it's read (and enjoyed) by others then that's a bonus! 2014 saw me begin the 'new' me. Working hard at leaving the fear of 'what if' behind and replacing it with YOLO adventures. :)

11 thoughts on “Old, new, different

  1. Merry Christmas to you!
    It won’t be long before children are around you again by the sound of it?!

  2. Moving from traditions you know and love is challenging and scary, but also a time to make new ones. It sounds like you have made the transition well.
    I was also a bit apprehensive of what the changes for my family this Christmas, but we had a good day of love and laughs, and managed a rearrangement of traditional roles, which was good for everyone!

    • You have faced a year full of the challenge of change. I’m pleased to hear your day was one of love and laughter and I believe that is what helps you face things and rise up stronger for it. Love to you all xx

  3. Life truly is a journey and it sounds like your map is working well. This was our first year that the grandkids didn’t believe in Santa, and we received ‘links’ to things to purchase. There were no returns, but it sure takes a lot of fun out of it. Oh well, part of the journey. 🙂

    • True it is all a journey and those journeys are how we grow. I remember when my kids ceased believing in Santa, a little of the magic disappeared. Hope the holiday period has been a happy one for you as you worked through the changes too. 🙂

  4. I heard people say that they dread when they no longer have the transitional Christmas. I haven’t had one of those since 2003. I can honestly say that I enjoy the “Silent Night”.

    Happy New Year!

    • I remember the rush of the transitional Christmas growing up and all I really wanted to do was to sit lazily and explore what Santa had left. I remember the hectic time as a parent when we alternated Christmas Day / Boxing Day to accommodate visits with everyone as the distance of kms grew between homes and my siblings all had their own families too. This year it was a much more laid back event. Now it’s my kids doing the run around and I truly want it to be easy on them. Reflecting I think we can get too caught up on the hype and miss the time to sit , reflect and enjoy. I must admit I enjoyed the ‘Silent Night’ too 🙂 wishing you a safe and happy 2015.

  5. We have only one of our children at home, a recently graduated illustrator.
    For us the best part of the day is when our other two children come for breakfast, traditional panattone, nutella and masccarpone. Its fun and relxing before they go off to their other halves or come back for lunch depending on the annual rotation.

  6. We were so busy on Christmas Day rushing to and fro doing things. It has only been in the past couple of days that I’ve had the opportunity to just sit and do nothing. And it is wonderful. 🙂
    I’m so pleased you had a wonderful Christmas and the kidults were home for you.

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