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World Teachers’ Day 2014

“Teachers are an investment for the future of countries. What today’s children will face in adult life cannot be predicted and so the teachers of today and tomorrow need the skills, knowledge and support that will enable them to meet the diverse learning needs of every girl and boy.
This year on 5 October, we celebrate the 20th anniversary of World Teachers’ Day. The day commemorates the adoption of the ILO/UNESCO Recommendation concerning the status of teachers in 1966. This recommendation is morally binding for all countries.”
UNESCO and partners working to provide every learner with professionally-trained, motivated and well-supported teachers … Irina Bokova, UNESCO Director-General  (link)
This time last year I wrote about this day. This year I’m writing again having just read this article, and had a laugh over this blog post.

hey-girl-let-me-laminate-those-dividers-for-you-                                                                     Image Source

It seems whenever the subject of teachers arises so many are so consumed by the hours (or lack thereof), huge pay and easy workload.
Just for once I’d love to read …
“Teachers have it great! They get to interact daily with our children. They are a positive part of our children’s lives. Sure the resources mightn’t be always great but they are resourceful and will ensure children’s needs are met (to the best of their ability). Each day they get to witness milestones in the lives of our precious children.”
Or even …
“Teachers have it easy! The pay is higher than mine and their hours are much less. Their tasks are less time consuming than my current job description. They get excessive holidays. I AM GOING TO TRAIN TO BE A TEACHER!”
Job perks are often perceived differently from the outside. Many jobs come with perks but for every perk there are trade-offs. Movie stars get to travel in luxury and have large wealth but the trade-off is on a bad hair day they are public property. Teaching has perks not available to everyone such reduced childcare needs during the school holidays but the trade-off is you rarely get to see your children participate in school activities.

All jobs have their difficult moments but if you enjoy what you do you will find the silver lining. Like all jobs though, if you are there just for the money or the hours you won’t find happiness. You spend too long at work to be unhappy. To anyone considering joining the profession I’d say don’t be put off by the stories of ‘Woe is me’. The rewards will significantly outweigh the problems.
Would you trade your job to be a teacher? How different would your life be? Thoughts?

PS  Dare I tell you, due to school holidays, World Teachers Day is celebrated in Australia on the last Friday in October?


The storm front rolls in

A large storm front rolled over Sydney in the late afternoon today. Thunderstorms aren’t out of the norm but the visual of this storm as it raced towards and over my home was impressive.


Here you can see the edge of the front looking  west.



This was the edge to the north.

567 This storm front raced. The view here is looking south.  572  573 The wind accompanying was strong and loud as it pushed these clouds on their path. I headed indoors after taking these photos as  lightning started. A heavy deluge followed and the temperature plummeted.

Any other NSW people have stories or photos of this event to share?


Sometimes it just isn’t meant to be

A total lunar eclipse happens when the moon is completely in the Earth’s shadow.
Even though the moon is in the Earth’s shadow, some light does manage to hit the lunar surface during the eclipse, and this is what gives the moon it’s red – orange glow and hence it’s name BLOOD MOON


Lunar  Eclipse


I have been reading up about the blood moon that would appear tonight at 9:25pm EDST. As if on queue at 9:27pm the clouds began to part and a thin red hue glow began to appear on the edge of the moon. I raced inside to grab a camera to take some photos of this natural phenomena. Here are three taken about 10 minutes apart.
Did you take a look at the blood moon…what did you see ?

image                                                                                         9:35pm EDST

image                                                                                           9:45 pm EDST

image                                                                                                  9:55 pm EDST

Yes , the clouds regrouped 🙂


Yes, “100 per cent”…

Well what an ending!! I’d followed The Bachelor Australia this season as I did last season-not to mention reading after each episode the hilarious Rosie Reviews. I had it recorded on ‘Series Record’…just in case the electricity wasn’t kind one night.

As the finale day loomed we were promised a twist. Rumours on social media told us this, well before the glint of the diamond and a #dirtytrouserknee from a proposal graced our screens.


The ring my ‘once bachelor’ gave me

But what would it be? I wondered if maybe after the proposal the winner’s family would appear from behind a bush.

Would a celebrant appear and they would magically marry?

Would Laurina and Jess appear in bridesmaid taffeta?


Would Amber stand up and yell “But I haven’t had a one-on-one date yet!”

Would Louise appear  with  a 4 tier wedding cake complete with African animals as the motif and #dirtystreetpies as canapés?


Would Chantele do a reading?

My mind worked overtime.

When Lisa appeared in the first car, my knowledge from last year told me this wasn’t good. Oh, yes I was Team Lisa. How ever did I get so obsessed that I actually was choosing the ‘right girl’? It wasn’t like they would be at my Christmas dinner (though to be fair they had played out their courtships in my family room, sometimes even as I ate dinner). I heard myself telling him what to as if I were his mum or Aunty Dee. I heard myself begin the “What if …he changes his mind and calls Lisa back as she walks to the car (but then she drove away)…tells Sam it’s not her then calls Lisa back and this time begs her telling her how he loves her. No! The ring went on Sam’s finger as she accepted 100% Yes…NO!!!!!! ”.
There was no sunset, just a lion. That should have told me something!

Rumours began fast on social media after this ending. We’d seen no twist. In my infinite wisdom I decided the reason for no media contact and ‘the twist’ was because they had actually already been married (well they had been on a few dates over 3 month period – not out of the realm of expected (is it??). Channel 10 did have that free 9:30 pm time slot for today (Friday) which added fuel to my fire (It’s now Madam Secretary if you are interested). Twitter scrolled faster than my quick reading eyes could skim. First it was break ups, then marriage, then break ups, then pregnancy, then break ups. Of course I had my own theories – the marriage one was mine just as I had written here at the start. I stayed up until the wee hours of the morning following this rush. Thankfully I’m on holidays so could sleep in.

So, then, in the harsh light of day, we learned Cinderella didn’t get her man in this fairy tale. Lisa denounced the rumours of pregnancy and now we have to wait to hear the “He said, She said’ version of events. In the meantime if you think this style of finding love suits you Channel 10 has opened applications for next year…and I’m already looking to see if I can put it in “Series Record’…just in case.