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Should I stay or should I go?

I’ve been absent from the blog world (or let’s say not as engaged as I enjoy being) in the past few months. I thought being on a traveling holiday I’d have so much time to write and read. Reality was, it gave me enough antidotes and material for a long, long time.  Reality was I spent so much time with my mouth agape in wonder as I raced around not wanting to miss one thing that in fact I had little time for those things. My mind is over-brimming with such wonderful memories.

But I’m back in the real world and have time to dabble again.
Today I was reading through a blog I follow “Me – Who am I?” and then started to reflect. I started writing a comment but it turned into a bit of a novelette so I’ve put it here instead. Take time first to read the blog post here to put my comment in context .
I too have experienced moments when I’d love to run away but I know I’d be back so fast- before people even realised I’d actually gone, but I think it’s selfish reasons that may keep us (me) here.
Do we stay because we need the love and support of a few close people to help us wander through this odd thing we call life – or do we stay to help others battle through and be their prop? Do we stay, maybe, so at the end we aren’t alone – or do we really stay so at the end we can offer comfort to others in our final moments? The first thoughts are ‘about me’ reasons in my opinion. The question I ask is – Should we stay to stop pain for others – or go and be true to ourselves?
Could running away not be ‘reinventing yourself’ rather allowing yourself to be who you want to be, not who you are expected to be?
I’m a stayer, I like order and I’m not a risk taker. Jumping can mean a fall for the cautious while others may be willing to take the chance they will have a strong enough leap.
So, would I want a loved one to leave if that’s what they know they must do for their happiness?
I’d like to think I’d much rather see a loved one move on leaving me behind to seek their happiness even if that life can’t contain me for whatever reason, than stay merely out of a sense of duty – for in doing that they are living my dreams not their own -but a goodbye would be nice because I like order in everything including ending (selfishly).
But…if it’s my kids – well I shall stalk them to the end of the world and back!! Nothing will ever be large enough for them to hide behind from me hahaha (selfish!! YES!! )
And… a chance to use one of my photos of the sun rising over Mt Vesuvius and the Bay of Naples- a volcano that in its time has left man in pain and total destruction.friends

Your thoughts?