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Pisa – town of a leaning tower

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Today the heavens opened on us. We left Florence in brilliant sunshine using the local train line to Pisa. At a Florence,as in Rome and Napoli , the gypsies sell their knowledge of how to work the ticket machine to unsuspecting tourists…but that’s not me 🙂 The ticket machines in fact are easy to use offering instructions in several languages but to be honest the way the gypsies work you would think at first they are help staff from the railway .

We headed off on a train not dissimilar to this of the interurban style we are used to travelling in to a Sydney. The trip was about 30 minutes into the one hour trip when really dark clouds appeared. Then a sprinkle of dots splattered the window, then a torrential downpour. The seat in front of us had a broken window and the rain poured in, luckily the windows on this train have curtains so they became a rain block. Just before we arrived at Pisa a gypsy girl boarded the train and handed everyone a card telling us she was poor and needed money to help because her brothers were sick. A few minutes later she returned to collect the printout and or cash donation. In my case it was the printout only.

With it still raining at Pisa we raced to catch the Hop on Hop Off bus to see around the town.
We got off at the iconic tower. I felt compelled to take some of the traditional styled photos , along with all the tourists doing the same. We’d ignored the raindrops and got a bit wet. This seemed to help my very bad , in need of help hair. (I got on the plane in Sydney bound for Italy and on arrival my hair was fully dried out and in bad condition – I dread the trip home. I fear I will need to have all my hair cut off and I’m scared !! ) .
Here is my artistic display of that iconic tower 🙂


Author: Travelling Macs

A mum to 2 grown up children who always make me proud, a wife and a full time school teacher. I love eating great food but am not motivated to cook. Love traveling around this great country in which I live. Often found traveling with my husband Brian. I write for pleasure and if it's read (and enjoyed) by others then that's a bonus! 2014 saw me begin the 'new' me. Working hard at leaving the fear of 'what if' behind and replacing it with YOLO adventures. :)

One thought on “Pisa – town of a leaning tower

  1. No helpful people and no gypsies for us…we travelled on some trains with no ticket because we could not even find a place to buy tickets. Frank has just reminded me about the gentleman taking photos of our grand daughter with his budgie, and then demanding 5 euro for the privilege…perhaps he was a gypsy.
    I will always remember walking through the archway to the tower of Pisa, it was overwhelming, we had no idea it was situated with other beautiful buildings..did you go up it? We didn’t . An amazing place to visit.

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