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Picking up pebbles and tossing them into the sea.


Use what you have – great motto. While sitting on the pebbly beach at Capri I saw a child fill a bucket with pebbles to make a ‘stone castle’. I saw another fill a bottle to shake. Another group were tossing the littler pebbles at each other. Not sure that was a safe game haha.

Pros of a pebbly beach

You can sit on the waters edge and when you get up there’s not a single grain pebble in your swimming costume.
You don’t have to rinse pebbles off your feet when you leave the beach.
You don’t take home pebbles in everything.
There’s no pebbles in the car when you travel home.
You can fold your towel up without having to work out which way the wind is blowing.

Cons of a pebbly beach
You walk off the beach with an interesting mottle looking rash on your legs/ back/ tummy/ however you pressed onto those pebbles.
Pebbles are slippery in the water. This can also go I to the PROS section as it makes for very comical people watching ax they stumble, plan and attempt to manoeuvre themselves into and out of the water 🙂
When people walk past they don’t just dislodge a trickle of grains onto your towel rather a mini avalanche of pebbles.






Author: Travelling Macs

A mum to 2 grown up children who always make me proud, a wife and a full time school teacher. I love eating great food but am not motivated to cook. Love traveling around this great country in which I live. Often found traveling with my husband Brian. I write for pleasure and if it's read (and enjoyed) by others then that's a bonus! 2014 saw me begin the 'new' me. Working hard at leaving the fear of 'what if' behind and replacing it with YOLO adventures. :)

6 thoughts on “Picking up pebbles and tossing them into the sea.

  1. Pebble beaches need a bit of getting used to! Definite pro the lack of tiny grains of sand everywhere and the fact you dry pretty quickly and cleanly. But as you said, they are very slippery at water’s edge! Your holiday sounds like it is everything you hoped for. I am enjoying it through your blog and photos. Xx

    • Sadly the thing I had to forgo so far was the Blue Grotto. We didn’t get away as early as I’d hoped to Capri. By the time we got to the grotto the estimated wait was about 90minutes. The tide was rising and there was a chance they may stop entry for a little while. Weighing up what we had seen and what I wanted to see still I chose to continue on the boat around the island instead. We did get to go in the Emerald a Grotto on the way to Amalfi so that excited me 🙂

  2. I had to do a bit of a rethink when I saw 3 small children play in the very black sand at Sorrento. However this did not worry the children who were having great fun. It is then we realise what we take for granted with our beaches. Enjoy.

  3. I’m not sure I could handle a pebble beach on my feet.

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