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Don’t wake me up!

My cat (like all cats) is happiest dozing in  warm spot. This time though her warm spot wasn’t exactly a spot we would encourage in our home. She did however look adorable all snug asleep in the ironing basket. I was trying to capture that on a Snapchat photo when she heard me walking close. Although she definitely  looks devil – like, she is in fact just yawning… honest 🙂


Submitting to  (Click on picture) – lots more great pet story and photos to view 🙂petchallenge


Thank you Anna Jarvis

Googling Mother’s Day I learned that today is the centenary anniversary of the first official Mother’s Day. I read on the National Geographic story about how Anna Jarvis (its ‘founder’) was inspired to have this occasion to celebrate her mother’s life. For this reason it’s written in the singular form – Mother’s.
“ It wasn’t to celebrate all mothers. It was to celebrate the best mother you’ve ever known—your mother—as a son or a daughter.”

Anna_jarvis Anna Jarvis –Creative Commons
U.S. President Woodrow Wilson officially set aside the second Sunday in May in 1914 for the holiday. And so it was… from that year on.
Unfortunately every so often the calendar is cruel to me. It turns itself so the second Sunday of May, that should be my celebration day as a mother, coincides with my husband’s birthday. Today the planets aligned to cause this phenomenon.
Double celebration you may be thinking – no it’s more like ‘Who draws the short straw on their celebration’. It certainly meant greater juggling when I first became a mum and my mum was alive. Like Christmas, we began a new tradition of ignoring dates. Mother’s Day became ‘A Sunday in May’. As the kids grew it became ‘A Day in May that didn’t coincide with children’s sport or a birthday’– though both birthdays and Mother’s day became insignificant in this period. Now we have added into the equation kids that work shifts.
But we still have birthday cake together, small gifts and most of all time together even if it’s in the evening. It feels like Mother’s day every day to me as I do have great kidults. I am so proud of who they have grown to be and the relationship we have. I think Anna Jarvis would approve of our celebration style.

white_chrysanthemum_201893                                                            Creative Commons

The chrysanthemum always reminds me of Mother’s Day. We grew these at home and had large bunches in the house. When I had my kids they used to give me a bunch purchased at a roadside stall from a local grower. Today I have a small pot of them on my dining table. I’m going to give it a go at growing them in my garden.


Look up, Look down, Look all around!

I’m guessing if you are a Facebook ‘person’ you have seen the video doing the rounds entitled ‘Look up’ . I’d seen it on a few friends’ pages but must admit I hadn’t viewed it as I’m a bit of a sceptic regarding the nature of the video links.
Today however I saw it on a blog ‘Pray, Love, Live, Laugh ‘ and decided to take the chance on viewing it – I guessed it probably wasn’t just a link to some get rich scheme, or lose weight until you resemble a bare branch twig promotions 🙂 I enjoyed the blog post take on the issue (and I suggest you might like to watch and read it here first to see one perspective on the video link. 

I’m not totally convinced that the social medias are in fact closing our minds to human interaction of a warm and fuzzy kind. I think it’s more a case of how we use it to ‘fill our bucket’ for want of a different term.
I do believe humans seek to be accepted ( even when they seek to be accepted for not being accepted, you know the ones that flout the rules but only to get the interaction despite it not being their claim). I do believe they seek interactions with other humans. I do believe social media connections and face to face interactions are not mutually exclusive.


We all want to be social

Sitting on a bus stop you can admire the photo of a stranger’s newest grandchild, ooh and ahh and truly think it’s a cute baby, but then the bus arrives , you both hop on, sit in different seats then go about the rest of your day and maybe never see each other again. Does that negate the interaction as positive? Can you not look at a photo of a near stranger on Facebook and admire the photo for what it is – click ‘like’ then go about your day leaving that moment where it was?

Sitting at work you make conversation with all your work colleagues. Some you are close to, you know the ones -you have lots in common, you further the friendship outside of the workplace, you interact much deeper than mere colleagues. Some you greet politely, like to hear what they have been up to but as you wander off to your respective work stations your mind now is long out of the conversation. Can you not too have those types of relationships in social media – casual interactions, care, respect , it doesn’t have to always be close to be positive.

Someone shares their bad news with you. Compassionately you reach out to them. You don’t need to know them well to understand their pain. Do we not give to charity to help others we have never met? Isn’t then a compassionate response on social media to someone expressing hardship still caring and supporting?

I think we need the balance of all these interactions to fulfil our lives. Could it be that by ‘switching off’ the social medias in our lives we will create a new lonely void? There are many times we can’t have that face to face interactions. Right now I’m sitting in bed typing onto the social blogging media because in my house everyone ( including the dog) is asleep. No interactions are possible had I closed this window off.

There are people I consider friends who I have met- both figuratively and literally- through social media and my life is richer for it. There are people that the kilometres dictate are impossible to meet up with frequently but through social media I can still have in my life.

We live in a new age of communication that is so much wider than some of us could ever have imagined. I can remember the joy of new experiences, places I’d visit and so want to share them with my loved ones but it was too costly to phone, it took ages to send the photo, I missed home and longed to just say ‘hi’.

I can remember the old ‘pen friend’ days with happiness but with sadness too that my letters took so long to arrive with response – ever hungry for knowledge of my friends.
Now I have all that at my fingertips ( and I know in my lifetime there will be even so much more even if I’m not aware of what it will be just yet).

I say ‘Look all around’ rather than up. You just don’t know how rich your tomorrow could be from a simple ‘Like’ or comment today!