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The Ants went marching …


Today I bought a replacement dishwasher. The other one had had enough and no longer heated water. I had a repair man out a few weeks ago to see if it was a minor repair needed, or a “Go Shopping” expedition. It was the latter.

Off we went today. The dishwasher we chose was in stock and with a AWD big enough to carry it my husband and I collected it so we didn’t have to wait for delivery. I was already a little apprehensive. I said we would have to find an installer – my husband said he would do it (apparently he did the last one at that had lasted 14 years). My husband though, has handyman skills equivalent to my baking and sewing crafts… and let’s face it, unlike a burnt cake if this dishwasher was destroyed in the process of installation it wasn’t going to fit in the garbage bag, nor would I be able to shrug and say , “Well it’s only a $5 packet mix”.

The drive home was non-eventful. My husband even got the dishwasher from the back of the jalopy without a bang, scratch or obscenity when we arrived home. With the new dishwasher in the garage he had to remove the old one from the kitchen. It is here the fun and games began.

Having just had a tradesman out to look at the dishwasher I thought the floor would hold no little surprises, as the dishwasher had been pulled out and the floor cleaned before his arrival. It wasn’t too bad then, a bit of a cobweb and some dust. We are lucky the only bugs we have a tiny black ants that seem to sneak in at night –  I blame the changes in  weather.

Well lucky I thought!!!!!!   I was sitting on the lounge playing on my iPad when I hear my husband say “Ants” in a loud voice. I reply , “Yes , I don’t know where they are coming from but they usually only appear at night.” He beckons me over and there before my eyes was a black army of ants!!!  I’m not talking many I’m talking armies of the world!!! Take a look for yourself!

  Back of dishwasher




Inside the cavity where the dishwasher sat


Looking into the cavity…Yes they are ants on the floor!

Frantic because I hate the smell of squashed ants, and I not having insect repellent because I try to eliminate chemical use, the only way to clear this was by hand and a wet cloth…and with the  stench of squashed ants permeating my nostrils, I worked hard and fast .

I filled a bucket with hot soapy water and began washing down all the surfaces. I was kneeling on the hard tiles but the pain didn’t bother me. I was far to intent on eliminating these ants from my home now. I had tried to live cooperatively with them but look at what they did in return for my kindness!! I stood up, knees creaking  and tipped the ant filled water down the kitchen  sink and began to fill the bucket again. As the tap filled the bucket, my feet felt a trickle of water cover my toes. I hadn’t over filled the bucket – the sink didn’t have a plug in it accidentally.

ARGGGHHHHH!!  My handy husband had forgotten to tell me that before he pulled the dishwasher from the cavity (discovering the ants) he had removed all the fittings from beneath the sink (with the hoses from the old dishwasher gone now, there were large gaping holes on the downpipe that allowed water to flow into the cupboard then seep under the closed doors onto my feet. Another mess to clean up!

Ants gone, cupboard dry, floor dry I sit back to allow my husband to refit the hoses . Seems nothing else can go wrong. Yeah right! The new hoses have a square feature on them and the last had round and we all know, the square box will not fit through the round hole. Last I heard my husband was calling his brother to borrow a drill to make the hole bigger. Guess what I was doing – using the online phone book to find a dishwasher installer …JUST IN CASE  (and a carpenter – you never know )

Oh and do you know any non toxic hints on keeping the ants away? From the amount of sweeping and cleaning I do I don’t think its crumbs attracting them.




Author: Travelling Macs

A mum to 2 grown up children who always make me proud, a wife and a full time school teacher. I love eating great food but am not motivated to cook. Love traveling around this great country in which I live. Often found traveling with my husband Brian. I write for pleasure and if it's read (and enjoyed) by others then that's a bonus! 2014 saw me begin the 'new' me. Working hard at leaving the fear of 'what if' behind and replacing it with YOLO adventures. :)

9 thoughts on “The Ants went marching …

  1. I hate ants! They have obviously found a great place to stay, I hope they don’t take residence behind the new dishwasher!

  2. Oh my god!!!
    That’s just too much 😮

  3. Ants are very clean creatures! Good for rheumatism too. At least you did not found white ants :-). I use Ant Get rid liquid which is Borax based to get rid of them.

    • Good for rheumatism? The certainly gave my upper arm flab a workout wiping them away lol. I think I might try ant rid behind the new dishwasher. Today though I noticed no little ant trails so maybe I’ve scared them off :))

  4. I am so glad that ants are not on your list of scary things, or the story may have been somewhat different

  5. It sounds like things got a whole lot worse before they got better! I could just see the water being poured into the cabinet. Glad you stopped by my blog.

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