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Daily Prompt: Name that… You!


I’m having a go at the Daily Post blog ideas.


The topic is

Do you know the meaning of your name, and why your parents chose it? Do you think it suits you? What about your children’s names?

Not so sure I know the meaning as much as the story behind its choice. So the story goes….

According to my mother (when I once asked about my name and why I was given it) my elder sister had been encouraged to participate in the naming of the new baby (me) after I arrived home from hospital. My mum was a very superstitious lady and she had told me due to lots of problems falling pregnant and carrying me to full term she didn’t want to choose a name in advance. For this reason too, I apparently slept my first few nights in a drawer removed from a chest of drawers. Again superstition prevented her from purchasing supplies in advance.

Anyway, apparently my sister offered three names to choose from:-

Onionhead – Yes that’s right Onionhead!!! Trying to research (via my friend Google) where she possibly got this name from I can only find 1950s books and movies. As that doesn’t correspond well to her timeline I’m thinking my father (who had a naughty sense of humour at times) probably thought it would be funny to put this seed of thought into her mind. That or it may have been my grandfather that dropped the seed. He too had an odd sense of humour. I doubt either believed she would vote so strongly for this name (least I WANT to believe that of her haha)

Matilda– Not bad, I could see me as a Matilda. My sister apparently named most of her dolls this so she obviously saw me as a little doll (complete with my own doll style bed haha).  But someone (or something??) convinced her to change her mind.

The third name (which won the vote) – Kerry-Anne. Apparently she had seen it written down that way at school as it was the name of a classmate. And so I was Kerry-Anne. To be honest it was only my maternal grandmother that called me Kerry-Anne (and her relatives). To most I was Kerry (and to Dad – Kez). When I left school and entered the big world I decided to be “Kerry-Anne” and have been for a very, very, very, long time.

Being ‘Kerry-Anne’ while I love the sound of it and the spelling, I do sometimes tire of correcting it. It seems using an ‘I’ or ‘ie’ is the preferred option and well, the hyphen confuses too…especially when filling out forms. Of course (to the Australian readers this will make sense) I get KAK (Kerri-Anne Kennerley – TV personality) and KA (mostly started I think cause the full name is a long one to say and write.

Did a quick GOOGLE and found this meaning of my name:-

Irish Meaning:
The name Kerrianne is an Irish baby name. In Irish the meaning of the name Kerrianne is: Dusky; dark.

SoulUrge Number: 2

People with this name have a deep inner desire for love and companionship, and want to work with others to achieve peace and harmony.

Expression Number: 5

People with this name are excited by change, adventure, and excitement. They are dynamic, visionary and versatile, able to make constructive use of freedom. They fight being restricted by rules and conventions. They tend to be optomistic (sic), energetic, intelligent, and to make friends easily. They may be changeable, restless, untidy, and rebellious.


Oh dear – it has no hyphen and an ‘i’ for the ‘y’  🙂

Leave a comment down below to let me know about the meaning of your name and/or how you chose names  for your children.


Author: Travelling Macs

A mum to 2 grown up children who always make me proud, a wife and a full time school teacher. I love eating great food but am not motivated to cook. Love traveling around this great country in which I live. Often found traveling with my husband Brian. I write for pleasure and if it's read (and enjoyed) by others then that's a bonus! 2014 saw me begin the 'new' me. Working hard at leaving the fear of 'what if' behind and replacing it with YOLO adventures. :)

2 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Name that… You!

  1. haha I think it must have been Dad’s wicked sense of humour in planting the Onionhead seed, I don’t remember that, and in Googling I see it relates to a 1958 comedy set in WWII so that definitely smacks of Dad ;).
    Matilda was my “imaginary friend” (or ghostly one) when I was little, so Matilda was a distinct possibility. I think it was the hyphen that I thought looked very posh – at 5, I loved English stories that often had hyphenated surnames in them.
    So there you have it, as I remember it! BTW I had no boys’ names picked… that was just not going to happen!

    • I agree with Dad’s role. He would have delighted watching mum not think it funny and the timing :)Glad I got the hyphen cause I think it looks posh too . Ha ha.. love there were no boys names

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