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A Tale of Two Plumbers


“A plumber is the only guy I know who can take a leak….

….and fix it also!”

– from Joyce Hart

Well obviously Joyce hasn’t met my plumbers J

My home is around 14 years old and things are breaking down together since they all went into the new house at the same time. But the water users are really making themselves known so much more than the other appliances and accessories.

This month the washing machine decided that it didn’t really need to cut the water off during the cycle just because the machine was full. Why do that when there was a perfectly good laundry floor to flood (not to mention the cat food dishes as the laundry doubles as the cat’s bedroom?

Giving the sympathy vote I suspect, the dishwasher decided that heating water was not really that great an idea when it could do the job in cold water. It wasn’t as if it had to eat off the dishes it wasn’t cleaning. By the way, I must admit, at first, washing the dishes by hand was a task we all found to be fun. We hadn’t done it in 14 years after all! Then it became a little mundane and though we would all wash up, it was no longer a chore done with a smile and a laugh. It’s now a ‘splash loud and groan to point out I’m doing the dishes’ job, as I wash the dishes alone. We are yet to buy a new dishwasher. It’s another on the ‘to buy’ list but as much as I hate doing dishes I hate even more shopping for white goods .

Next the bathroom hand basin tap started to cry. It’s tears were from the hot water tap so consequently at the rate it was sobbing we were losing at least a shower a day and with up to 6 adults here on some days, it was a race to be in the shower first because you just didn’t know what would be left at the end of the day – combined with the fact we were now using the hot water to wash dishes by hand. My daughter found this out the hard way after giving herself a spray tan, dying her hair black then going to wash it off. Oh, for those interested, it seems cold water works ok on showering off excess spray tan and hair dye ( a very hard lesson).

So – to the plumbers.  We call out a Plumber Number One to fix the tap of the hand basin. He arrives, does something magical and we have no more drips – impressed. Let me fill you in on the next task we asked him to do. We have a water metre outside our home close to the nature strip. It is constantly run over by cars reversing out of our drive (it’s hard sometimes to maneuver four cars on a driveway really designed for two). We had heard it could be sunk below ground level and secured in a box with a lid strong enough to withstand the cars. He quoted what seemed a reasonable price. He took off , came back with the required box and we all ‘ooohed and ahhhed ‘ looking at the box lid after he had gone. No more water spouts at night (cause that’s usually when the run overs happened – blame poor light haha).

All good, until about a month later. The repaired water tap was again turning back on with extreme force as you turned it off, spraying the bathroom and of course using our hot water as it dripped all day. Must admit my daughter was a lot paler during this period, still traumatised by the cold shower, she packed up the spray tan machine.

Unable to (maybe unwilling) to get Plumber Number One again we called Plumber Number Two. He looks (and wears the spray) of the basin and informs me the last plumber had fixed the tap but…(insert plumber talk – picture me with the glazed over eyes nodding as if I knew what was being spoken of). Then I heard the words that brought me out of my daze NEW TAPS. I had so wanted to change from gold to chrome I nodded and ran to buy the taps.


He arrives to fit them, of course he has to turn the water off to do that. I explain our water main is boxed and show him. He then tells me the most dreadful news. Plumber One has put my meter in a box BUT he has covered the rest of it with dirt and that includes the tap to turn the water off !!!! This box is sunk about half a metre depth underground- a lot more digging. Digging done, we get our new bathroom basin taps. Plumber Number two has refilled the hole and gone before I realize now the cold tap drips into the vanity. ARGGHHHH (can’t cry I’m scared of any water by now). Plumber Number Two can’t come out until Plumber One fixes the water metre. Ok, that gave me a few weeks to buy all chrome fittings for the bathroom- since Plumber Two was returning soon to fix the drip I decided to get him to put in the taps. Finally three weeks later we get the new taps throughout the bathroom. The chrome looked great.


Plumber Two drives off, I turn on the new rain type shower head I have had fitted …you guessed it a huge spurt comes from the head to my face. Called (speed dial by now) Plumber Two back and finally after about 7 weeks I think the bathroom has no more leaks. I’m a little nervous about the droplets I found in my ensuite basin tonight. I’m just going to hope I didn’t turn the tap off properly this morning before going to work!!!

Author: Travelling Macs

A mum to 2 grown up children with young families of their own, who always make me proud. I'm a wife, grandmother,friend, sister, a recently retired teacher and a beginning ukulele player. I love eating great food but am becoming interested in cooking. Love traveling around this great country in which I live and worldwide more recently. Often found traveling with my husband Brian. I write for pleasure and if it's read (and enjoyed) by others then that's a bonus! 2014 saw me begin the 'new' me. Working hard at leaving the fear of 'what if' behind and replacing it with YOLO adventures. :)

2 thoughts on “A Tale of Two Plumbers

  1. OMG what a bathroom tale! Water problems always fill me with dread. Our latest is a toilet that doesn’t always turn off, and will need a new replacement because parts are extinct…BTW your new taps are the same as our main bathroom ones 😉

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