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Southern Highlands Jaunt


Today we headed for a trip to the Southern highlands. It’s made easy to get away having grown up kids at home to look after the pets, pool and general house stuff.

We packed the car and headed off around 10 am. The plan was to travel after the busy roads of commuter traffic. We didn’t figure in the school holiday travellers. The roads were heavy but still moving well. A few fools graced the roads , ignoring speed limits , traffic flow and the amount of space needed to pull in between cars.

We chose the less direct route opting to use the Grand Pacific Drive heading coastal through the suburbs north of Wollongong . After one incorrect turn ( couldn’t be me as navigator could it ?? Haha ) we were finally on track heading south along this coastal stretch of road. Near the town of Coalcliff the road follows a bridge – the Sea Cliff Bridge. It spans 465 m with the cliffs to the right ( when travelling south) contrasting in their harsh rock stratas with the flow of the ocean. After leaving the bridge we took the opportunity to park the car and walk back along the bridge. The water was an iridescent blue and the waves crashed on the rock platforms beneath spraying up a mist visible from some parts of the bridge. I watched for a while, hopeful to see the spurt from a whale but wasn’t so lucky. Although banned many people have attached padlocks to the bridge. I tried researching the tradition and a lot of different facts are available from originating in China to Serbia during WW2 . It’s a romantic idea to inscript your love then lock it forever , but according to Wollongong Council it causes rust corrosion of the bridge rails ( so unromantic lol) .

Sea Cliff Bridge

Sea Cliff Bridge

Sea Cliff Bridge

Sea Cliff Bridge


The journey then took us through Macquarie Pass . This is a sharp, winding road with bend after bend following each other. Although in parts the view was pretty as ferns and tall gums framed a distant Pacific Ocean, more often than not I was leaning to the right as if that would balance the car on each bend. I had looked down at one point and realised if the wheels were to shudder as they ran over the white edge line designed to alert you the edge was near….it would be too late as the drop was sheer , definitely no where else to go than into the deep gully!

Finally we reached the top and the road straightened , guiding us into our accommodation – the Bowral Bed and Breakfast. This place deserves its own blog post which I will write another day soon. We ventured into town for Donne and found open restaurants hard to find (Chinese, Indian, McDonald’s or Subway. We chose Indian. The restaurant was ornate in decoration. Painted scenes depicting Indian towns, princes and princesses covered the walls. The food was delicious, so it was a great choice 🙂

Back in the car the temperature gauge indicted 4 deg C . Back in our air conditioned accommodation we have sipped hot chocolates and little tarts all provided. Now to look at the guides to begin planning tomorrow.

Photos are scarce because I have been using my real camera and forgot the connection cord to download the photos to my iPad :((

Author: Travelling Macs

A mum to 2 grown up children with young families of their own, who always make me proud. I'm a wife and a recently retired teacher and a beginning ukulele player. I love eating great food but am becoming interested in cooking. Love traveling around this great country in which I live and worldwide more recently. Often found traveling with my husband Brian. I write for pleasure and if it's read (and enjoyed) by others then that's a bonus! 2014 saw me begin the 'new' me. Working hard at leaving the fear of 'what if' behind and replacing it with YOLO adventures. :)

2 thoughts on “Southern Highlands Jaunt

  1. We saw many bridges in France and Germany just covered with padlocks. It seems to be a popular thing to do, and beats the graffiti. Brickbats to Wollongong council for not allowing it 🙂

    • Those padlocks are also finding their way to Millenium Bridge in London. I wondered why they were frowned upon, didn’t realize it was to do with rust!
      Enjoy the cold, it’s actually not that bad when you don’t have to get up early and there is hot chocolate waiting when you get back to the hotel. doesn’t also have a wood fire?

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