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A phone is a phone is a phone…or is it??

Right now I’ve come full circle on my mobile phone. Back in the early 1990’s I babysat my sister in law’s brick mobile phone while she travelled overseas. Knowing she was to return soon I just had to have this gadget attached to my hand and so I bought myself a phone. It was the start of my long ongoing love /hate relationship with Optus. I think it was a Motorola, I know it was big, heavy and had an external stick aerial. I’ve always been a gadget girl.

Over the years I bought myself a collection of phones, each reducing in size, improving on the colour (black was the initial phone colour) and the functions. The brands were an array of Nokia, Samsung, LG, Motorola  and Panasonic.  I searched for ‘lady phones’ preferring the ‘clam shell style. The most important feature was appearance and inclusions such as a makeup mirror ( I found a lot that had this feature). On average I kept my phones about a year or so. They were accessories not phones to me.  I have had purple, pink, gold, silver and of course the  ‘special ‘ phones.

My favourite of all times was my Samsung t500. I had to wait for the gold tone version to arrive (most people had the Dorothy red slipper colour but I always preferred to be a little different).This phone set me back around $1000 in its day. I bought it outright as I did many of my phones. The face had a cubic zirconia face and they could be lit in a variety of colours to indicate the caller. It even had a short leather strap that had a stainless steel ring with a zirconia on the band. The idea was to dangle it off your finger. Recently I have been decluttering my home and tossed most of my phones …except this one. Some things are just too precious!photo(2)photo(3)

Another “ just have to have” was the rose tone Motorola that came with a cube style set dangler . The photo doesn’t do the rose tone justice. Again it had a makeup mirror and this one even had a camera. The leather pouch it came with added to its charm.


Then I had the Panasonic G 20. I tossed it out last weekend in the declutter (it had a few scratches on the outer face) but I just had to keep its carry pouch! My thumb gives an indication of its size. Its exciting feature was you could hang it from a neck chain if you didn’t want to carry the purse. Again it featured a makeup mirror and had the most interesting round keypad .This did make it a little challenging at times to text fast. I can’t find any photos of it on my computer so I used some photos from http://www.dealsdirect.com.au/panasonic-g70-flip-mobile-phone-red/   Mine was the red (complete with a zirconia of course)



Then I “just had to have” a smartphone and chose the Samsung Wave. This was the only phone I have never been fussed on after purchase. I found it would turn itself on and off (continually)at its own whim. This would drain the battery and heat the phone rendering it unusable until you could get to charge it again ( not good if you have just left home an hour ago). It took me a while to understand why my battery would die so fast until one night I watched, as it sat on my dressing table. It turned itself on and off continually for about an hour (it was too distracting to sleep with the eerie glow that happened) but at least I solved what was happening ( and the battery ran out after an hour which solved the glow haha). I returned it twice for some software problem I was told it had but it never fixed the problem. I suffered this out as I was on a phone plan this time but ended up resorting back to my old cute purple phone to use (Motorola RAV ).

The phone plan was finally up (well not quite but I pestered optus enough)  and I got myself an iphone4S . But …don’t get excited… I did the good mother thing and gave it to my daughter to use as her phone had died. Again I needed a simple phone and got myself a pink Motorola , basic but it looked good. Then that’s when the  spin  full circle happened. Again I have my sister in law’s old iphone4. It’s a little temperamental on the home button and it’s not as snazzy as the 4S or 5.

Oh and I’ve got a collection of phones to use on the Telstra network when we travel. They do seem to cover the outback areas better in my opinion.

I’m searching for a new phone. I don’t need an iPhone as I have an iPad . But, it’s so hard to find a pretty phone now that’s different o the ones everyone else has. Guess I’ll just have to dress up the iPhone .

What is a phone to you and what sort do you have?


Liebster Award


So, just as I witness the kids in my class do – the not so subtle, chest puffed up with hope-hand up, pushing past others to be the one waving close enough to knock the chooser to the floor- there I was , hand up asking to be selected for a Liebster Award. I’d googled it and it looked like a fun activity. I was so excited when the one with the award (thank you Jody 🙂 ) chose me as a recipient (possibly just to get some air space from my demands lol). Jody’s blog is http://countesschrystobel.blogspot.com.au . Looking through her blog I realized just how simplistic my blog is. But, I aim high and with each blog I read I’m learning and beginning to make decisions about how I want my blog to be. Oops – I digress- how unusual for me haha!

So, what is a Liebster Award you may be asking. I shall save you the google! Firstly Wikipedia didn’t have a page for it. There is a BLOG AWARD general page but this award seems overlooked. However as there were many, many pages of blog writer award winners I made the call that bloggers don’t create Wikipedia pages…who’d have guessed that? Anyway, I’m using the information discovered in other award winners’ blogs . It seems it originated in Germany and is awarded to new bloggers (or those with less than 200 followers- yes! 200! Definitely me at around 18 followers (thank you friends, randoms 🙂 ). It’s not an actual award one can frame or use as a paperweight but a chance to share a little about you and your blog. On receiving the award, the red carpet walk is your own blog where you glide through 11 questions set you by the nominator, then you select 5 – 11 other blogs and provide them 11 questions to answer. Hmmm didn’t think that through did I! I have advertised on blog sites but as of yet no –one has offered themselves up. Oh and don’t forget to thank your nominator !

So here goes ….

1) If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be and why?

I love living in Australia and wish to stay here but in a home overlooking the marina on Hamilton Island. It’s a picturesque, relaxing place, yet still at the gateway to the rest of the world via serviced regular short flights to capital cities then on to ports beyond. I know for sure my kids would make the effort to visit me here often no matter where they lived too (very important ).

2) What do you love most about your life right now?

I love that my relationship with my kids has grown from being a parent to now being a friend. We all have our own lives but we interact well.

3) What are you carrying around in your handbag at this time?

My handbag is a scary place. Not always the place I feel comfortable in slipping my hand into with no fear lol. Funnily enough, just last week, I blogged about my bag (on a cleaner than most day I must say https://travellingmacs.wordpress.com/2013/07/18/a-peek-inside-my-handbag-if-you-dare/ Today I peered in it again and amidst the regular essential items (junk haha) and I saw yesterday’s banana ( recess was too busy to eat)….ugghhh

4) Do you remember what prompted you to begin blogging?

I have always liked writing. A few years ago we traveled to outback NSW. I decided to blog as a way to share our holiday adventures at that time with my family and a few friends. I enjoyed writing it and on return decided why should just my friends have to read my rambles and so put it public online.

5) An interesting fact about your ancestry?

One of my relatives came to Australia on her dead sister’s passport and my great grandfather has just a father on his birth certificate and a wife that beared him children but just seemed to have disappeared.

6) Your favourite colour is? Why?

My favourite colour is turquoise . I’m not sure as to why. I do recall though getting Derwent coloured pencils in a tin to start kindergarten and that colour was just so beautiful. I remember wanting to remain forever on the SRA Reading level (NSW reading scheme) at turquoise level because I could use this pencil to colour in the graph each time I completed one of the colour cards. My bridesmaids suffered this when I got married and my kitchen bench tops are turquoise as was the initial colour of the inside walls of my home. Yes, many of the accessories remain in turquoise tones J

7) Summer or Winter?

Summer – I like the length of days, I have never been a fan of the dark in any fashion really. And, now I finally have air conditioning fitted through my home so I have the cool option without the dark. And I can enjoy ice cubes filling my glasses.

8) How would you spend $2 million?

Pay off my debts and buy a house each for my kids.

9) What is your favourite skincare / makeup product and why?

Sorbelene! Plain , ordinary, buy it at Woolworths , sorbelene. It cleans off make up, prevents facial wrinkles (least has for me ) is a great moisturizer under my make up and it costs next to nothing.

10) A character trait you have?

I’d like to think I’m animated and communicative. I think I tell a good story (I never have 1 its always 55, its never warm..its sizzling haha – hey I don’t stretch the truth I just have outrageous experiences lol).

11) What are you enjoying on television at present?

I’m not a big TV fan. I grew up with a TV oriented dad who seemed to have control of the old styled remote control ( dial on the television). Then I married an addict who superglued the remote to his hand, such that even if I manually changed channels his remote did the override function. But having said that I just finished watching Wentworth (oh no!! not returning until 2014) and I like the lifestyle channel on Foxtel and will mindlessly watch toddlers in their quest for tiaras, teens having babies, and those embarrassing bodies (so embarrassed they share them with the world haha)

If I ever find some bloggers to pose questions to, the questions would be…

1. What is your favourite thing about blogging?

2. What is the last book you read?

3. Name 3 of your strengths and weaknesses.

4. If you could be any fictional character, who would you choose and why?

5. What sound do you love?

6. If you could witness any event past, present or future, what would it be?

7. When you have 30 minutes of free-time, how do you pass the time?

8. What do you miss most about being a kid?

9. What is your favourite dinner?

10. Are you afraid of swimming in the ocean and why/ why not?

11. What is your idea of a dream vacation?

So, if you’ve read all this and would like to join in and meet the criteria please leave your name in my comments section.

And now I nominate….DRUM ROLL….LOUDER DRUM ROLL…


And … https://www.facebook.com/Because.Everything.Counts

as a Liebster Award winner…. CONGRATULATIONS

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I get a lot of enjoyment out of playing with my computer, iPad and  iPhone. I constantly Google apps for my ‘iProducts’ and look for programs to use on my PC. I’ve just started out on Snap Chat and  have played Draw Something for maybe too long (ahhh who’s timing) . I must admit I tried Candy Crush having seen it so often fill my Facebook newsfeed. I had watched as my friends challenged themselves, faced disappointment and were really excited with their accomplishments  but I personally wasn’t taken enough by it  to try it twice.

Today I dabbled with a program called WORDLE . I have used it before but not too frequently. “Wordle is a toy for generating “word clouds” from text that you provide. The clouds give greater prominence to words that appear more frequently in the source text. You can tweak your clouds with different fonts, layouts, and color schemes.”      http://www.wordle.net

The program  was created by

It is a pictorial display of the  250 most frequently used words in my blog. I created  the palette myself, the font I used was Kenyan Coffee, I thought 250 words enough 🙂 and I’ve excluded ‘common’ English words.

What do you think of it?



A peek inside my handbag…if you dare!!

Sex and the city

Season 4 Episode 10: “Belles of the Balls”

Carrie: I’m thinking balls are to men, what purses are to women. It’s just a little bag but we’d feel naked in public without it.

I’m a Sex and the City fan. I knew that quote existed (well vaguely) but I did need to Google it for precision  🙂

I don’t have that many bags , just a few,  in the shade of black (incorporating chain handles, satin rosettes, smooth leather of various shapes and sizes) , a camel coloured shoulder bag (feature of today’s blog),a zebra print with pink handles,  a small square bag in tweed, a brown glitter tubular, an orange Versace (not sure why I ever chose orange), a brown satchel, a maroon imitation crocodile skin (with matching purse of course!!), a green satchel (revisit the orange thought lol), a blue beaded  bag , square Coach bag, a vintage TAA satchel…and that’s all just recall. I haven’t gone to my wardrobe. I know my bags well. Having said that I have a few favourites and the others more often than not live a luxury life perched high on shelves in my wardrobe.

I can’t imagine being anywhere without my (a ) handbag. I carry it whether I’m just dropping someone off somewhere or going to the store.  At work it’s always by my side. I’m more often than not the only one with a bag at emergency evacuations at work (imagine if they weren’t drills!!)), I’m that person sitting at a cafe that can hand you a pen. I’m that person who can whip out a tissue to the non-carriers. I’m the person with something to do if I’m sitting alone.

But I do pay the price. I suffer the ache of a shoulder after a long day out, I have aching fingers if I’m carrying a short handle bag. So, I decided to take a look inside the bag I took to work today. Yesterday it would also had a camera , file of notes and a water bottle- but let’s just look at today’s.


The List

* 5 pens (and a hidden pencil)

*One brush

*one iPad

*One iPhone -just visible near the ….

*Blue lanyard holding keys and a Cadbury key chain

* One pink and gold wallet

*One maroon makeup purse

*Jetstar boarding pass from 1st July

*One shopping docket (yesterday)

* Sunglasses

*One extra sunglass lens (thought I’d tossed that with the broken frames… Oh well )

* One spray perfume White musk and a container of white musk hand cream

* Reading glasses- pink frames with diamantes

* Empty Fruit Mentos packet – remnants of yesterday

*Lipstick that I don’t here so much now and I found it hidden inside a pocket compartment

*Used and unused  (ewwww) tissues

Then as I packed it all back (no time to declutter I want to write in my blog haha) I noticed I had a ventolin asthma spray too. This escaped the photo shot !

It might cause me pain but to go without a handbag- well I might as well be the streaker at the Origin Football match last night, without the bad spray tan colour of course 🙂

What’s in your handbag? Do you have a favourite? Do you carry one much? I look forward to hearing about your bags.


What’s Facebook to you?

I knew I’d been using FACEBOOK for a long time but I didn’t know just how long. Taking a moment to scroll to the beginning of my Facebook I see I started in November 2007. Wow, I’ve been a ‘facebooker’  for five and a half years!

My first few years, until the end of 2009 , consisted of infrequent posts and  photos of my children.  I dabbled mostly to see just what my children were up to in this new internet environment.

Around about the beginning of 2010 I discovered Photoshop and my photos took a new slant. My posts were renown for these photos (and I still love doing them…the only safe way to experience planking, places your family go to but you haven’t , ‘attending’ royal event s such as Kate and Will’s wedding …oh and my piece de resistance –  The bride of Kochie -TV host for those that are unfamiliar with my  Australian accent   🙂

Around this time too, I decided my kids were all grown up (legal adults), so Facebook became just for me. My friends were predominantly family and a few work colleagues…oh and one neighbor. My posts increased in frequency, I joined in debates and celebrated the achievements of others. I also share my own.

I’m still a Facebook addict. I look forward to seeing what my friends are up to. My friend list isn’t that large but I do interact with them all away from Facebook albeit some very infrequently.

My husband just recently got his first smart phone. I set him up on Facebook though his refusal was both loud and indignant – he didn’t want to join…well at least for a few days J  Now into his second Facebook month my daughter and I find ourselves giving him lots of Facebook Etiquette 101 lessons. Our main lessons revolve around teaching him that:-

**sometimes what we think doesn’t always come across as intended when in a short written comment

** if they are friends of your kids or young relatives the best comment is a ‘like’

                       AND MOST IMPORTANTLY

**it’s not a dinner time event!

What’s Facebook’s  purpose to you? Do you use it? How long have you been using it?

I look forward to reading your comments here.

Yours in Facebook  🙂


What do you do?

I was out at dinner the other night with some girlfriends, karaoking without a jukebox and generally having a lot of laughs. One of us began being a little more serious and posed the question …what would you do if if you didn’t work ?

We all began setting boundaries…
Would we be able to choose a new job?
Would we have unlimited funds?
Would we be living where we do now?
Would we have enough money to eat?

I pondered on the idea just now ( weird thoughts come to me at strange hours of the day ).
Rather than what we would do, I began to think it would turn into “who are you if you are no longer categorised by a job ( and that job must be a recognised employment form)? ”

Why is I that amongst a gathering of new acquaintances people more often than not, lead in with the “What do you do? ” question. Are they looking to stereotype you and need this information to do it? Does your employment say that much about the person you are and how interesting the conversation will be with you and the possible friendship that might follow?

I am guilty of having lead many along the garden path with a variety of occupations. Experience tells me most people are happy with that. But, sometimes I have been known to reply such things …
I do as little as I possibly can.
Or, I’ll ask for clarification such as ” What do I do …
in the early hours of the morning?
when I forget the shopping list and I’m doing my weekly grocery shop?
on a bad hair day?

This tends to stop people in their tracks. Surely the reality is my responses here will tell them infinitely more than if I label my “do” by my employment! For, even within my employment it’s the inner characteristics of me that dictate how I perform that job. And, if I don’t have employment , have I nothing to add to the conversation ?

We all ‘do’ something and by perhaps asking better questions a much more interesting conversation can happen . That next social gathering may turn into better time. We are so much more than our ‘do’.

I’m glad you are reading my blog, learning a little about me so, let me get to know you a bit better. What is it that YOU do and I don’t want to see a single employment listed. Tell me instead one great thing about you :)) . Looking forward to your comments here.


Wedding …or Marriage – hindsight :)

I have been reading another’s blog about the celebration of a wedding anniversary and she had written about some of the things that happened ( not so perfect) on the day of her marriage.
I started to think about the effort people ( I too was one ) put into making this day just right and at the time when things don’t go quite right , it seems such a big deal. But, years down the track it’s these things that we laugh at.

As queen of analogies I’ll relate my thoughts based on a holiday. The excitement starts when you decide to take a trip somewhere. It builds in your mind as you spend time and money planning how to get there. You purchase the tickets and then before you know it you are on the road/ in the air/ on the oceans. Then you notice the irritations, the transport is late, you forget your hair straightener , the person in the seat in front reclines immediately the seat belts sign is switched off.
These problems seem unsurmountable ….then you arrive at your destination. If you are unlucky the weather turns bad and you can see no way to enjoy yourself. The only thing you can see to do is to go home, back to how things were before you chose the trip. Then, maybe try again later. .. Or not.
For most, it’s not all perfect but very close to it, even bad weather is bearable if you look at it positively. So you laugh about what happened on the trip and realise that was such a trivial part of the adventure. Then when you return home you are able to face the drone of life with the happiness that grows as you look over the photos, keeping the memories alive.

But back to those irritations on THE BIG DAY!

Mine started off with the first 30C September day in years occurring so off came the silk stockings ( didn’t show under the huge layers of my dress anyway). Arriving at the church I became bridezilla . I can’t believe I actually threatened my flower girl niece with a ” no walk down the aisle , no parasol to keep “- so sorry Gill – yes, she walked and adorably I must say. 🙂 It seemed like everything that went wrong was a big deal. 25 years later we ( not so sure about my niece tho) laugh about those things and I have come to realise the actual day was a celebration but it was the years that followed that actually mattered .

So, how did your big day go? Share a comment here 🙂




With some free time on my hands , I decided to look through others’ blogs and found one entitled The Simple Woman’s Day Book http://thesimplewomansdaybook.blogspot.com/ 

There I  found a day book with a series of questions to answer about your day. I couldn’t resist filling out my own answers.

Outside my window… washing flaps gently in the breeze, little chance of it drying fully because the temperature is too low today and the line is in the shade.

I am thinking… that I have so many things I want to do to de-clutter my home. I have brought pretty, minimalistic things to replace those I have tossed from the bathroom. It looks good!The next room is our bedroom.

I am thankful… for the relationship I have with my kids.Relationships don’t just happen and need to be worked on continually. Over the last few days we have been talking together about adult issues close to their hearts and it made me appreciate the closeness we have, to be able to share those things – the result of the trust we have built in each other. They never cease to amaze me in their positive drives  and enthusiasm.

In the kitchen… its a mess around the sink. The dishwasher died a few weeks ago so its back to they two partition contraption called the dual sink 🙂 The first week it was such a novelty to wash the dishes that we all took part. Then it was Brian and I doing it …now its the one who “can no longer stand seeing the dishes” piled first. Last night that was Brian, I MIGHT have to give in today…just maybe..or not haha

I am wearing… brown leggings that clash terribly with the red black and white overshirt. However as I have been cleaning and de-cluttering I thought the outfit ok. I just wouldn’t open the door to anyone though. I’m leaving it on for now to motivate me to go start on the de-cluttering of our bedroom .

I am creating… a notebook file on fairy tales to use at school. That’s my grade’s theme for Term Three. I love everything magical so its taking longer than it should as I stop at too many websites looking at pictures and listening to the stories.

I am going… to have breakfast tomorrow at a cafe connected to a local garden. Last day of holidays for Brian and I so we are making the most of it . I love cooked breakfasts , even more so when  don’t have to make it ( Shuddering contemplating the washing up too, lol)

I am wondering… how my daughter’s bike ride is going. She hasn’t ridden in a while and is off on a bike path that fringes the lake. Its a nice day  to be in the sunshine. The path she is riding I used to take her and her brother on . They rode scooters and I walked behind. We would take a picnic to have along the track.

I am reading… The story of the Trapp Family Singers by Maria Augusta Trapp. I love  Sound of Music and was recently looking over photos my BIL had added of his current European holiday and saw those Swiss Alps. I started a ‘google train’ and found this book on iTunes. I had some money to spend on my iTunes account that my son had given me for my birthday and couldn’t resist this.

I am hoping…  the Eels football team win or at least aren’t slaughtered by their characteristic 50 point loss. My son and his girlfriend are off to the match and too often its a disappointing trip home for him.

I am looking forward to… September holidays 🙂 Its our wedding anniversary during the break so we always plan somewhere special to go. Not sure we can top our 25th celebration last year (NT adventure). We are thinking of the Melbourne Colonial Dining Tram ( Of Kath and Kim fame – if you are familiar with the show)

I am learning  to use snap chat.

Around the house… I’m going to make a bigger effort to be organised  – a place for everything and everything in its place (just don’t quote me on it hahaha).

I am pondering… a psychic show I went to with friends. Why do these spirits make themselves known to be there yet never have messages to convey? Why is their ‘data of validation’ so vague and not specific? Why don’t the medium’s own spirit family members not converse with her?  That’s just scratching the surface of my ponderings 🙂

A favorite quote for today… ““I stay up late every night and realize it’s a bad idea every morning.”  Anonymous

One of my favorite things…  holidaying away from home.  It doesn’t matter if its 5 star, motor home  or in between. It doesn’t matter if I’ve been there before or not. It doesn’t even matter who I’m with or  if I’m alone….I love that on holidays away I don’t have to justify my laziness to myself nor do I feel I should be doing something other than having self indulgent fun. It’s one time I feel no guilt about doing nothing or everything … and most importantly no housework 🙂

A few plans for the rest of the week: At home to contact the plumbers about work done. We had one plumber do work on our taps and box a water meter (it needed to go underground ) only to have the tap break in the same way a month later. When the second plumber came out to fix the job he couldn’t turn the water off at first because the original plumber had actually buried the tap rather than box it as he had done the section you read the meter from. After digging up the earth over the tap the second plumber fixed the tap problem with new taps (nice chrome look I chose so now all the fittings have had  to be changed from white lol). Then I noticed under the sink the new tap connection is dripping leaving a small puddle on the cupboard shelf (insert loud ARGGHHHHHH!!! here ) 🙂


What are you up to?

Don’t forget to leave a comment after reading 🙂



Southern Highlands Jaunt

Today we headed for a trip to the Southern highlands. It’s made easy to get away having grown up kids at home to look after the pets, pool and general house stuff.

We packed the car and headed off around 10 am. The plan was to travel after the busy roads of commuter traffic. We didn’t figure in the school holiday travellers. The roads were heavy but still moving well. A few fools graced the roads , ignoring speed limits , traffic flow and the amount of space needed to pull in between cars.

We chose the less direct route opting to use the Grand Pacific Drive heading coastal through the suburbs north of Wollongong . After one incorrect turn ( couldn’t be me as navigator could it ?? Haha ) we were finally on track heading south along this coastal stretch of road. Near the town of Coalcliff the road follows a bridge – the Sea Cliff Bridge. It spans 465 m with the cliffs to the right ( when travelling south) contrasting in their harsh rock stratas with the flow of the ocean. After leaving the bridge we took the opportunity to park the car and walk back along the bridge. The water was an iridescent blue and the waves crashed on the rock platforms beneath spraying up a mist visible from some parts of the bridge. I watched for a while, hopeful to see the spurt from a whale but wasn’t so lucky. Although banned many people have attached padlocks to the bridge. I tried researching the tradition and a lot of different facts are available from originating in China to Serbia during WW2 . It’s a romantic idea to inscript your love then lock it forever , but according to Wollongong Council it causes rust corrosion of the bridge rails ( so unromantic lol) .

Sea Cliff Bridge

Sea Cliff Bridge

Sea Cliff Bridge

Sea Cliff Bridge


The journey then took us through Macquarie Pass . This is a sharp, winding road with bend after bend following each other. Although in parts the view was pretty as ferns and tall gums framed a distant Pacific Ocean, more often than not I was leaning to the right as if that would balance the car on each bend. I had looked down at one point and realised if the wheels were to shudder as they ran over the white edge line designed to alert you the edge was near….it would be too late as the drop was sheer , definitely no where else to go than into the deep gully!

Finally we reached the top and the road straightened , guiding us into our accommodation – the Bowral Bed and Breakfast. This place deserves its own blog post which I will write another day soon. We ventured into town for Donne and found open restaurants hard to find (Chinese, Indian, McDonald’s or Subway. We chose Indian. The restaurant was ornate in decoration. Painted scenes depicting Indian towns, princes and princesses covered the walls. The food was delicious, so it was a great choice 🙂

Back in the car the temperature gauge indicted 4 deg C . Back in our air conditioned accommodation we have sipped hot chocolates and little tarts all provided. Now to look at the guides to begin planning tomorrow.

Photos are scarce because I have been using my real camera and forgot the connection cord to download the photos to my iPad :((

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My Muses of Melbourne

Today we left Melbourne, bound for home. Days disappear too fast on holidays – so much to do and see-always something new to experience .

Muse One- A plastic container means you can have your cake and eat it too

Le Bon (cake shop of Acland Street, St Kilda fame ) slices travel well as hand luggage on a plane. Tonight the boys who were left behind on the girl’s trip are munching on peppermint, caramel and chocolate slices . Next time I will know I can pack more :))

Muse Two – Ignorance is bliss!

Poker machines have no rhyme nor reason. We each donated to the casino the price of a Tuesday movie ticket. Our machine, despite ringing loudly and having a little smiley emoticon banging a gong many times, paid out about $2 which we re-donated (if there is such a word). It wasn’t til we had fed our notes in that we realised the machine had no instructions about winning combos, least none we could see. Others nearby had similar machines and seemed to be cursing when they missed combinations that were not wins. Least we never experienced that disappointment as we never had any inclination of what was a winner combination.

Muse Three –
Either check your boarding gate well prior to departure or don’t wear a swing style skirt

Unfortunately our flight departed from gate 28, a tarmac entry by stairs…..in this day and age why so archaic?? Steps are never my friend. Not only did I have to carry my **ahem 10kg ** luggage bag and handbag (somewhat laden as well ) up but I had to cope with stairs you can see through ( accenting height, something I find a little disturbing) . In my hand I had my boarding pass. All was going well, I was calm moving up the stairs, the travel was slow meaning I had longer to ‘enjoy’ the slight movement of the stairs in the light wind gusts. Then, I felt the wind whirl around my skirt. Now I had one hand on the rail gripping tightly with fear, one hand holding my skirt down and the entry line begins moving again…which hand to remove from its job was my dilemma . Skirt , safety, leave bag behind on step hoping someone would drag it up cause its in their way ( least likely lol) . Choosing wisely (safety and baggage) I gusted onto the top landing of the stairway…able to hold skirt now with no railing support at this stage. I stumbled onto the plane not wanting to have to stand outside any moment longer than I had to and was greeted by the crew member telling me he couldn’t read my seat number cause I was holding my pass the wrong …all said with smile of course 🙂

Muse Four – A late queue joiner and her under seat leg room are soon parted

Those that look silly lining up to board a plane the moment it is announced to do so are maybe not so silly. They are the ones that have their huge luggage in the overhead lockers and leg space for the journey. Today we adopted the ‘If you can’t beat them join them!’ and enjoyed luggage free leg room.

Back home, now it’s time to unpack my shopping souvenirs .