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“I see dead people”

On Friday night (with two friends) I made my way to a local hall to be part of an audience with a psychic/evidential medium. I didn’t google anything about the show as I wanted to go with an open mind. I’m not a sceptic about the spirit world at all but I must say I AM somewhat regarding ‘on tap’ appearances.

An evidential medium is able to bring forth strong evidence of truth – they should provide descriptions of people (in spirit), ages, names, dates, as well as details of memories loved ones had with them, even descriptions of objects and articles passed down from them. There seems to be reference to three main types of information.

* General Information messages such things as they are with you in Spirit and “I’m with you when you’re upset.” These messages are usually not considered evidential.

* Moderate information describes an actual person, relationship or communicates something particularly. Instead of saying the spirit liked dogs it would provide specific breed of dog.

* Strong evidence is such things as personality traits, colouring, thin or heavy and often the cause of their passing. An evidential medium should be able to pick up on many of the quirks, hobbies and funny sayings the deceased used to say when alive.

Let me set the beginning scene. A lady dressed in an angelic lacey white long dress greeted us at the door. You are given a raffle ticket to complete with personal details (not full names!) with the prize being an individual reading. When we arrived they were a few short on tickets so I took it as a sign then and there to not enter that competition (something I no doubt would win). We handed over our $10 and entered. Chairs were lined up in roughly 10 rows of 10 with a few extras ($1000 for the night’s takings doing the quick maths).They were covered in white cloth. The hall had a table (alter??) at the front with flickering candles of varied shapes and sizes. It had a slight funereal feel about it.

But dead on time (hushed giggle) the medium took the stage and things changed. The hall came alive 🙂 as we were asked to stand and sing three songs…From a Distance (Bette Midler) Love lifts us up (Joe Cocker and Jennifer Warnes) and Hero (Mariah Carey). Well I love a good karaoke as much as the next person (maybe more lol) so this appealed to me.

Then the show began. I was hoping no one came for me. I was happy to sit back and watch others. The audience, I’m sure, were all believers and any slight straw was worthy of applause. I wanted proof. I was looking for the well-fitting buttoned blouse not the t shirt stretched til it fit style. It is only my opinion but there were a lot of ‘t-shirts’ shown to me.

Spirits arrived on cue and from memory none were at the wrong venue in terms of connecting with their loved ones. After hearing one died in an accident he admitted she was just about to say she’d seen a lot of blood. Did he die at hospital? Then another spirit pushed forward demanding his turn. He may have been a father / brother/ uncle?? With a sense of humour??? A sore leg?? A female spirit respiratory problems?? I just couldn’t help feeling these were generals. Others around me though were convinced this is the real deal. Maybe I’m just too cynical.

Let’s just take one at random. Someone else took the spirit for themselves but well as the name wasn’t given I think it could be mine … or perhaps one or two of my blog readers.

The spirit was named Al ,or referring to Al. My daughter is Al. The name Lynne came to her from the spirit. My sister is Lynne .

The month June came to her My birthday is in June and so is my daughter ( insert spookier music than Mariah Carey).

Someone took that spirit and it became Ellen (elle for short..ok I’ll go with that.)

Or… the old man in the cardigan with an odd button sewn on it (Yes I know my sisters are raising their hands) Well timed, the evening of contact finished at 9pm . The audience were allowed to put forward questions but after two where the answers were so long and involved I no longer remembered the question that was replaced with a reading (my concentration was gone by now so I can’t say what it was about sorry.)

The lights were turned off , the candles flickered again casting eerie shadows on the calico curtains at the front as relaxation music played. My instinct was to hold my bag…I’m untrusting of others especially when its dark 🙂

I don’t doubt people are attuned in different ways. I’m not saying she doesn’t see dead people at times. I just can’t help thinking shows to such a large audience help play to the odds . I also believe some people can read body language much better than others. I’m also saying that it was entertaining (if you like that sort of thing) and the $10 was a cheap night  – two  and a quarter hours entertainment (better than a movie ticket).


But, then my world went all strange after leaving the hall!!! I look at my Facebook and it says my friendship offer was accepted . I knew I hadn’t been offering friendships. Who was this stranger?? Turns out he is a psychic to man and pets. Weird coincidence?? Then as I am writing this tonight, a plate crashes to the floor from my sink. My daughter (Yes AL!!) luckily caught one dish so only one fell to the floor …probably vibrations as she was near the sink….or was it????

Might leave the lounge light on tonight 🙂