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Happy 23rd Birthday Tim

Seems like just yesterday that I began worrying about how I’d look after this little baby they put in my arms. Reflecting back I think I did a good job despite my fears . He grew into a man that I am so proud to have for a son.
Today he had to work so that gave me time to decorate the house in birthday style ready for his arrival home. I usually do this in the wee hours of the morning or the deep dark witching hour , so whoever’s birthday it is won’t see the decos too early so it was refreshing to do it at a reasonable hour. ( middle of the day). It’s a lot of effort but compared to actually birthing decorating is an easy task. So, it’s all relative lol. Tonight he was going to a dinner organised by Rachel with some friends including his longest time friend Ally ;)) I did keep checking emails for my invite but I guess a server problem saw it deleted hahaha.Tomorrow is the family birthday so I arranged a custard tart as a birthday cake for this afternoon. Birthdays must have a cake from the mum. Stuck blue and yellow candles in it (Eels colours) then we all got ready to sing in anticipation of devouring this tart!! ….Sheldon puppy looked at the tart and was obviously disappointed there was no slice for him. To voice his disappointment he filled his puppy pad and within moments far from pleasant aroma engulfed our home that is normally wafting lavender or vanilla or the glade candle of the day :)) After cleansing the house we sang happy birthday ( I had planned to use the piano app on my ipad to play the tune but for some reason my ipad was missing?? Not sure if that’s cause the family heard me practising (or revising so as not to have to decide if its a noun or verb… Too much reporting lol) the last few days. Funnily enough it turned up as soon as the singing was over…Ally found it where I thought it should be – strange it wasn’t there before ( all protested they hadn’t touched it) oh well if I keep the ipad close to me I can play it tomorrow . Exciting for me but not so for others lol

Gave our presents over , Dvds , gift cards, beers and ciders and a new pair of fancy thongs to replace the ones the puppy had devoured on first living here. Took the photos and then off the kids went to dinner and Brian and I had leftover pizza for dinner – I should have been having the party for all I did 23 yrs ago :)). Then it was back to writing reports. They are almost finished now which is a good feeling.

Now I’ve stopped writing them for the night and am sipping cold coke and eating dips and chips. How a weekend night should be :))

Oh and Tim’s mo is for the Movember fundraiser 🙂

Birthday boy Tim and Sheldon

Sheldon handing over the replacement thongs gift


Me, Tim and Brian…happy parents ;))

Custard tart birthday cake

My Tim and Ally


Tim Rachel and Sheldon

Rachel, Tim and Ally


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Almost a month between posts!!

Can’t believe I haven’t written for almost a month!Well , it was to be expected. Right now its the busy period as a teacher.Report time!! Even though I pride myself on knowing about the kids in my class it’s still a big job putting it into words. There is a sense of pride once the job’s done but there is also the neck pain (literally from time cramped over the computer.) Made me think back to the handwritten report days. If a mistake was going to be made you could bet your bottom dollar it would be in he last paragraph of an otherwise flawless report. I remember tossing them into the bin in a not so happy frame of mind.So , all in all, computers are the way to go.

Saturday will be Tim’s 23rd birthday. I’m sure he was born just yesterday 🙂 Have been busily shopping for gifts. Then will have to repeat it almost immediately in preparation for Christmas. It seems sad having a birthday followed by Christmas so soon then a really long wait til the next gift giving. But!!! as a child it had the added bonus all the new toys were out in the shops ready for Christmas so his birthday presents were always anticipated with excitement having watched all the ads and read all the brochures.

The animal menagerie is getting along quite well. Bugasby has Sheldon under control (using the quick swipe with a paw technique). She messes with his head a bit I think. It’s not unusual to see her lure him into a game of chasings, play for a while then end it fast with a quick swipe and a look of superiority. He is learning to swipe at his own bed in the family room ( a suitcase) after she swipes him. He also walks away with a look of superiority over the suitcase hahaha.

 Time to return to the world of reports. Will try to sneak back here more frequently now :))