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Much Happier


Having left the ‘hotel’ we packed the little car for our last trip. We took the bags to our next hotel before dropping the car back. This hotel made me happy. An oasis in the desert (literally haha). A tropical coloured lounge sat in the main foyer. From the reception desk you could see tall palms swaying gracefully , shade for the swimming pool which was complete with waterfall. Our room wasnt ready yet (9:30 am) but they hotel (oops resort ) offered luggage babysitting. Leaving our bags in the trusty hands of these people ( my mind was sure I had made a good choice with this place even though I hadn’t checked out the room) we drove the car back to the hire company where it passed muster . All we had left to do then was walk to the main town centre (everything is close)  to find a nice breakfast place. We found one that looked busy (always a good sign) called …The Duck’s Nuts 🙂

They made the very best eggs and bacon breakfast! The poached eggs were runny and the yolks golden. The bacon was crisp but not burnt. I was in heaven. Brian had french toast which looked delicious ( and he said it was). We strolled then into the shops but it was too hot just to roam aimlessly so we decided as this was our last day we would allow ourselves the luxury of lazy poolside day (in the shade because I was wearing the cloak of redness from the day before haha. On arriving back to our hotel (about noon now) I asked if we could just sneak some things (swimwear) from our bags. The man at reception said he had a room ready for us …it just happened to have a view of those palm trees and pool when looking down from the window. How lucky were we. This room was huge , having two queen beds a large bathroom and sitting area…my type of hotel room (and Brian’s). We decked ourselves out in swimwear and went down to the pool area. There was a bar , tables and two pools. We chose the pool under the shadecloth for shelter. We had it all to ourselves! The other pool was the popular one (waterfall ) , lots of English tourists (judging by accents) burning their skin ( as I did the day before , minus the accent lol).

Soon it was time to return to our resort room to get dolled up for the sunset dinner cruise we had booked. We arrived at the wharf and were impressed with the restaurants here, not to mention the view they had of Darwin Harbour ( the same view as we had had in our luxury hotel on our first days in Darwin (seems like so much longer than a week ago).



Our boat docked and we stepped on board. It had allocated seating and so no bun rush to board. As soon as we had our seat a plater of two dips (spicy capsicum and smoked mackerel) were put down on our table. Tasty start ! Then as we sailed off into the sunset hahaha the fist course was presented. It was a buffet of banana prawns, mackerel and oysters. It also had 3 salads – asian coleslaw, a sundried tomato, olive and feta salad and a garden salad. Crusty bread and butter (not margarine) was also available. Each table attended the buffet alone and they kept replenishing it after each table. The banana prawns were sweet and the oysters delicious with their addition of Kilpatrick dressing. We consumed a well loaded plate as did everyone, not anticipating the serving size of the BBQ course. Our plate came out with a scotch fillet the size of my hand and about 3 cm thick. Again the buffet was reloaded with its dishes. We made our own surf and turf. Food was definitely plentiful.Dessert was individual cheesecakes.



While we ate we sailed along the coastline. We pased by our first hotel and saw many places we had visited while in Darwin from this new perspective. At one point we passed a large sandbar that’s only visible at certain times.   Although we were out on the harbour the breeze though full was still hot air. We waddled up the gangplank when we docked.


Our Mantra Hotel (the orange building)


The sunset  had been  the best ever. The camera wasn’t  able to do justice to the colours. I have never seen such deep oranges and purple hues tho I have witnessed many amazing sunrises and sunsets on this trip.

Sandbar in the harbour




Some sunset photos




This was a beautiful dinner, fitting for our last night in Darwin and last night of this special holiday.


The happy couple

We returned to our hotel to pack bags in readiness for our journey home tomorrow. Sad the trip is almost over, but excited to see  Tim and Ally.


Author: Travelling Macs

A mum to 2 grown up children who always make me proud, a wife and a full time school teacher. I love eating great food but am not motivated to cook. Love traveling around this great country in which I live. Often found traveling with my husband Brian. I write for pleasure and if it's read (and enjoyed) by others then that's a bonus! 2014 saw me begin the 'new' me. Working hard at leaving the fear of 'what if' behind and replacing it with YOLO adventures. :)

2 thoughts on “Much Happier

  1. What a wonderful ending toa wonderful holiday. That cruise must have been very special. I well remember those Darwin sunsets, and by the sound of it, you had a good one. Safe travelling home.

  2. It was a wonderful adventure Bronwen . Nice to be home with family now as you would relate 🙂

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