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Happy 25th anniversary to us (Wednesday 26th Sept)


Woke early and drove out to the rock for sunrise.2% rule dictated that there was cloud cover . Anyway we walked ( yes I walked wearing joggers hahaha) up to a viewing platform and waited and watched as the sun broke through the cloud barrier. After seeing the monster go to sleep last night as the light changed , it did seem like the monster slowly woke from its slumber, stretched and then began its watchful sentry position overlooking this part of the world. I could never before have believed the way an inanimate object could actually seem to display personality.

Had breakfast then began some walks around the rock. It’s true size is more easily able to be comprehend this close. The first walk led us to views of rock art in several caves . It was fascinating to view things I’d seen online for real. We saw a waterhole, now dried up from the drought . The vegetation remained green here. It was a cooler part than the sun drenched rock paths though the term cool was not true . It’s really hot around 36C . When we bought water to bring on our trip prior to leaving Alice Springs Brian mocked my choice of quantity. Now he is understanding. I have never actually consumed so much water in my life I think 🙂 the recommendation is about a litre an hour when walking and it’s about how much you seem to consume without counting.


Our next walk was becoming hot and unbearable . It was to another waterhole I wanted to see. But at 37C I completed about half the walk and turned back to the shade centre nearby. Brian continued on and to my disappointment apparently it was only about 200ms further from where I had stopped. But I had already walked back to the car , and at that temperature no way was I walking back again.

Thursday we are going back so I can do it in the cooler part of the morning. Headed off to the cultural centre ( me with hopes of air conditioning,but not to be ha ha ) . We walked through the information section . Here were explanations of beliefs relating to the rock and surrounding areas. Then we went to the art gallery. Brian chose an aboriginal painting made by an elderly lady. The paintings are done at a respite centre. Wonder how much of the exorbitant cost goes to the artist and how much stays at the gallery. I’m guessing it’s not the artist that reaps 😦 exhausted and hot we returned to the campground to rest before our Sounds of Silence dinner.


We glammed up and at 5 15 headed to the coach pick up for our tour. The coach arrived right on time and off we headed to the other resorts collecting other patrons. The sky was a stunning purple grey colour . I had read on the weather channel about a month ago tonight would storm. I was optimistic though cause the coaches had collected us and I just guessed they too knew how to check the weather radar. But no ! At the last resort we were told the dinner had to be cancelled due to the weather and we could rebook or have a refund. I could have cried ( but I had my thick Max Factor mascara on and no way was I wearing panda eyes. :)). We decided to choose a refund. The decision was based on that we could stay an extra night at the rock, but it could rain again as per predictions. That would mean we would not get to see all the sights I had carefully planned our time for. We decided we wanted to see more of NT more than we wanted the dinner. So, we asked the hostess for the best restaurant in the resort complex and there we headed. We stayed on the coach and it dropped us there, but it turned out lots of the other cancellers had also decided on this restaurant and walked there while we sat on the coach. The restaurant was totally booked , the explanation was ‘ all the sounds of silence people had made bookings’ . The only table would be one at 8 45 and it was about 6 pm at that time and with such an active day I knew I’d be asleep by then! I pulled my trump card out ‘Its our 25th wedding anniversary and I planned this 9 months ago’ combined with my suitably sad face ( no act in either). The hostess whispered “i can put you in at 7 15 but if anyone asks say you had made a tentative booking for that time” Happy to say that we accepted the table and headed to the bar for a drink while we waited.


The restaurant was amazing. The food was delicious and incorporated some bush tucker into each dish. I had for entree the tomato with boccini , Brian had the tempura prawns. For main I had pork with bush plum sauce and hazelnuts in a sweet toffee dressing served with mashed sweet potato while Brian had the sirloin with tomato jus and potatoes. Desserts were amazing. I had the macadamia and chocolate pudding served with sugar coated macadamias , chocolate sauce and ice cream. Brian had blood orange sorbet. The hostess had frequented our table several times times, took photos for us and checked everything was right. We had been treated like royalty. tater dessert the hostess returned to our table again with a white platter. On it was a ‘Happy 25th anniversary ‘ and two peppermint chocolate balls on it.


The night that had started out so disappointing was made so special by this lady. She said when I had told her the importance of the day she just couldn’t not but help us celebrate. I’m sure good karma will flow her way ( and an email from me to the manager ha ha) .And, Brian was happy cause we saved $100 hahaha
Happy anniversary to us. ❤


Author: Travelling Macs

A mum to 2 grown up children who always make me proud, a wife and a full time school teacher. I love eating great food but am not motivated to cook. Love traveling around this great country in which I live. Often found traveling with my husband Brian. I write for pleasure and if it's read (and enjoyed) by others then that's a bonus! 2014 saw me begin the 'new' me. Working hard at leaving the fear of 'what if' behind and replacing it with YOLO adventures. :)

3 thoughts on “Happy 25th anniversary to us (Wednesday 26th Sept)

  1. Sounds like a great anniversary dinner!

  2. Love all the photos Kerry Anne . Happy anniversary. No more food talk. You make me hungry

  3. Happy Anniversary to my drawing friend and her hubby, may God bless you both, and may you have many more happy years together. Ps. I think your meal was much better than I remember the sounds of silence dinner 🙂

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